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Carli Bybel palette

So recently I bought the gorgeous Carli Bybel's highlighter/eyeshadow palette from BH Cosmetics and I just couldn't wait to rant and rave about it (in a good way)!

I've been obsessed with Carli for ages now (seriously though, how can anyone be that flawless and such a nice person?!) and was really excited when her palette was released, however I was too slow and missed out on the first batch. BUT it has been restocked so I snapped it up before I missed my chance again!

I won't lie - actually getting this thing to arrive was traumatic, but it was totally worth it. Please be vigilant on your orders (especially if, like me, you are ordering from outside the US) and keep tracking them, as mine was milling around in London for about a week before they decided to actually put it on a Royal Mail truck and get it up here to me.

Anyway, a few weeks later the beautiful thing is in my hands and I couldn't wait to try it out! I love that the colours themselves are fairly neutral, which means there are no bold ridiculous colours on there that I know I won't use. It's also reassuring to know that these colours will look beautiful on any skin tone; as I am pretty pasty I find some colours look absolutely ridiculous on me! My favourite at the moment are the mauve colours on the top row which just look gorgeous blended out into a smoky eye.

The thing that has really sold it for me on this palette are those gorgeous highlighters! I've been looking for a highlighter for ages that doesn't look like I just threw a load of off-colour glitter on my face (or worse, just makes me look sweaty). I used the first colour on the bottom row to highlight my nose and the tops of my cheekbones and I just looked shimmery and flawless all day. I literally feel like a fairy. I am in loveeee!!!

When I get to grips with the colours (which are so pigmented, by the way! Especially the shimmery shadows!) I am definitely going to put up a few pictures of the looks I've come up with. In the meantime, check out Carli's YouTube channel for some stunning tutorials using her palette!

Bonus feature is the really cute packaging - topped off with a little penguin on the spine in true Carli style. :)

Let me know what your favourite looks are using this palette!

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