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Leaving university

I thought I would use this post to talk a little bit about my life situation at the moment, in the hopes that maybe some people my age might find it useful if you're going through the same thing! University isn't for everyone, so don't worry if you're struggling.

21st birthday resolutions

As usual, I am completely inept at keeping up with my own schedule for posting; this was supposed to be up the day before my birthday. But alas I have been busy celebrating so it's up a few days late! Anyway! On the 20th of this month I finally turned 21!!! Being not too far off the start of the New Year, I figured I would set myself some goals for this year of my life (trying not to be too unachievable!) N.B: this was originally supposed to be a clever "21 resolutions for becoming 21" but that was FAR too many tasks to disappoint myself with at the end of the year lol.

January 2016 Buddy Box

If you read my post last month, you'll know all about my subscription to The Blurt Foundation's Buddy Box. (If not, you can read that here.) I was very excited to go and pick up this month's from the post office, and definitely wasn't disappointed with the goodies I received inside!

Dealing with anxiety

Anxiety is a horrible thing to have to live with, and unfortunately I've suffered with it for quite a while. However, a comforting thing to remember is that (as cliché as it is) you are not alone if you're feeling anxious about anything. Pretty much everyone suffers with anxiety sometimes, and a whole lot of people (including myself) have a big portion of their lives ruled by their anxious and worrisome habits.

Before we go on, I just want to say that these are the ways I deal with my own personal anxieties - I'm not claiming to cure anything and I'm certainly not saying these are conventional ways of treating anxious thoughts. I've accepted my anxiety as part of myself and I do things to try and make life less worrisome. If you don't like these points then that's okay!

2015 best bits

As much as we might like to deny it... 2015 is fast coming to an end. I feel like everyone is very quick to slag off the year and talk about all the bad things that happened, instead of focusing on good things. I'm going to pop some of my highlights of 2015 here to remind myself that it actually wasn't the worst year of my life.