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21st birthday resolutions

As usual, I am completely inept at keeping up with my own schedule for posting; this was supposed to be up the day before my birthday. But alas I have been busy celebrating so it's up a few days late! Anyway! On the 20th of this month I finally turned 21!!! Being not too far off the start of the New Year, I figured I would set myself some goals for this year of my life (trying not to be too unachievable!) N.B: this was originally supposed to be a clever "21 resolutions for becoming 21" but that was FAR too many tasks to disappoint myself with at the end of the year lol.

1. Read more books

Books have been my one true love ever since I was a child; I was way ahead of my age for reading in school. I remember being about 5 years old in nursery and being sent on my own to the big kid's Year 6 class to get books from their reading basket, because I'd read every single book in all the other classes. I suppose I was an easy child to entertain! Sadly, as I've got older, adult life has taken its hold and left me with not very much free time to sit down and absorb a good book. This year, I want to make it my goal to read some more books and remember what it was that I loved about it! Feel free to hit me with some suggestions!

2. Join a gym

I want to go on a health kick this year and finally stop loathing myself when I look in the mirror. I am quite active at work and work long days, but I don't have much time to really focus on exercise and toning my body. Squatting in the shower just isn't enough! I am going to buddy up with some of my work friends and join the gym and finally get a body I am happy with, the healthy way.

3. Perfect my winged eyeliner

I'm the first to admit that I physically can not do liquid eyeliner. Or any eyeliner. I can't do it. HOW do you people do it?! I feel like it's such a basic essential skill that if I don't learn to do it when I'm 21 then I will never fully evolve into an adult. And my eye makeup will never be on fleek. (Please teach me how to do winged eyeliner: for noobs)

4. Start driving lessons again

I got some driving lessons for my 18th birthday but I didn't have a very well-paying job at the time and they became too expensive to continue. Since then I've spent hundreds of pounds on buses and bus passes and Ubers. My goal is to have my license by the end of the year (not sure whether this is pure optimism). I feel like the older I get, the more scared I'll get and the less likely I'll be to do it. Then maybe a car for my 22nd birthday, parents...? UPDATE: well since I wrote this post my birthday has actually passed, and some of my amazing family have chipped in to get me a block of driving lessons! I'm looking forward to booking them and getting back on the road.

5. Get a tattoo

I know it's typical and cliché but I have wanted a tattoo for soooooo long but kept chickening out because I am such a baby when it comes to pain. This year I am going to decide on my tattoo design (I already have quite a lot of ideas stacked up on Pinterest) and drag my boyfriend to hold my hand whilst I get it done. I always said I'd never get my nose pierced and I did... So I believe this will happen at some point!


Now these might not seem like incredibly difficult tasks to some, but I feel like I have actually achieved quite a lot in life already. I already moved out of my family home, which I was definitely going to do prior to turning 21. I live with my friends, I have a full-time job and I'm completely independent - so I kind of already started trying to adult 2 years ago. Now I must progress!

I feel like these are pretty achievable. The thought of turning 21 is seriously scary but I want to set this up to be one of the best years of my life. Time to grow up!

Any tips on how to finally become an adult?

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