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January 2016 Buddy Box

If you read my post last month, you'll know all about my subscription to The Blurt Foundation's Buddy Box. (If not, you can read that here.) I was very excited to go and pick up this month's from the post office, and definitely wasn't disappointed with the goodies I received inside!

December's box was ultimately Christmas themed, so I was pretty intrigued as to what products I'd find inside this month:

I am definitely a fan of colouring books and colourful pens and pencils, so I was thrilled to get this adorable mini-sized colouring book with a pack of colouring pencils! I have a ton of colouring books, so this was great to add to my collection. I find them so useful when I want to just take a bit of time out and focus on something else. I will definitely enjoy filling this little book in as it is filled with cute, simple patterns that will instantly relax me! Getting coloured pencils was a nice touch, too (even if I do have thousands already!)

Next out of the box was this too cute little foxy hand warmer, which is more than ideal at the moment with the weather being so cold! This little guy fits nicely in my pocket and keeps my hands toasty warm on cold mornings on my way to work. I appreciate hand warmers and hot water bottles especially as I am always cold, so anything that's going to give me some extra heat is always welcome!

I also received some Clipper tea bags, designed to calm and relax you before bed time. I'm not a massive tea drinker myself (with the exception of chai!) but I thought I'd give these a go anyway, with them being predominantly chamomile and cinnamon flavoured, with a hint of orange. Surprisingly, with a bit of sugar added, it wasn't bad at all! It's nice to have a warm drink just before bed sometimes to get cosy. This was a nice touch!

Lastly, I got this very cute little lip balm, which coincidentally is chai spice flavoured, as I have been on a major chai tea hype lately! It was a bit strange at first, kind of spicy on my lips, but I've decided that I actually really like it. It's also vegan-friendly, so I could recommend this to pretty much anyone! It's definitely not a flavour I probably would have picked up in the shops but I'm really enjoying it.

Well, this month's box truly didn't disappoint me; I feel like it was filled with little treats that were almost hand-picked for me! There's not a single thing in there that I don't like or won't use.

As I mentioned last time, if you want to learn more about the cause behind the Buddy Box, then their links are below:
Facebook @ blurtitout
Twitter @blurtalerts 
Instagram @theblurtfoundation

Is it February yet?!

Let me know if you decide to try it out!
P.S. apologies for the bad photos, it's been so hard to
take photos in natural light when it's been so dark
and rainy for weeks! When is winter over?!

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