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5 struggles of being a (new) blogger

I'm pretty sure we've all been there when it comes to getting frustrated with blogging. I mean, I've only been at this for a really short time and I'm already having periods of being fed up! Hopefully you can relate and make me feel less silly.

1. Blog names

I don't know if it's just me, but thinking of names for anything is such a massive struggle. I used to do a ton of creative writing and I could sit and write a short story in a matter of days, but when it came to giving it a title it just wouldn't happen. My creativity stops at titles! I can't stand my current blog title anymore, I will be honest - when I chose it and registered with it, it sort of meant something to me (couldn't tell you the meaning anymore though lol), but now that I'm kind of finding my feet a little bit with my blog, I feel like it doesn't match or make sense or even reflect anything about me.

I've tried everything, including random blog name generators! It's one of those things where I think it's really easy to overthink, but it's frustrating when people just have the perfect name that makes their blog sound super cool. Maybe I'm thinking too much into it, but I feel like a good blog name is really important. I'm hoping to find The One soon.

2. Content inspiration

I'm sure every blogger, new and old, struggles with this sometimes. I don't really feel like my blog fits into a particular genre - I write about my life and experiences, but I do love a good beauty or books post too. However, sometimes I really hit a massive wall with what I want to write about.

I read tips all the time about building your following and readers with posting regular content, creating a schedule etc. But this seems impossible to me when sometimes I don't have anything to write about for weeks! I think this is part of the reason I ditched the idea of ever becoming a writer - I think I'd crack under the pressure of needing to write a piece for a certain date but having absolutely nothing to say! Writer's block is an ass.

3. Photo frustration

I am completely aware of how important the photography for your blog is, and how a good photo can really change your entire blog - I am guilty of skipping posts or blogs where they don't have photos, or their photos aren't very clear/well laid out.

Sometimes I just get too frustrated trying to put together a nice picture, especially in the last few months when it's been non-stop RAIN and there's absolutely zero natural light. I am a massive fan of the clean, minimal 'white' kinda pictures (you know the ones) but it's beyond impossible to get these kinds of images living in pure darkness from dusk til dawn. I'm looking forward to lighter days just so I can take better GODDAMN PICTURES.

4. Looking desperate

Not sure if I've phrased this heading right - but I know I constantly worry that people think I'm a desperate old loser, especially when interacting on Instagram. I'm not one of those to beg for a follow, but I do like to have a good ol' stalk of everyone else's feeds and give pretty much everything a big fat heart.

I also like to comment sometimes, but I get scared people think I'm annoying, especially if it's a big-time blogger with a huge following and then there's little old me commenting like "I like ur lipstick lol". I'm totally overthinking, I know, but sometimes as a newbie you wanna get yourself noticed but still be friendly. IT'S HARD. MAKING FRIENDS IS HARD. 

5. Attracting readers

Blogging shouldn't be all about followers and readers and stats and numbers and blah blah blah. To be honest, I started blogging because I enjoy writing and thought it would be a good platform to express myself. However, it starts to get a bit unfulfilling when you think that nobody is actually even giving your posts the time of day because you don't have a huge social media presence to begin with.

I'm certainly learning a lot as I go along and I don't have any posts with 0 views, which is nice! But then sometimes I'm like 'hmm... are those page views just me refreshing my own blog?' Maybe, but I know there's a couple of people who will give me a quick browse every now and then, which is pretty sweet too.

I remind myself constantly that I don't blog for anyone else,
it's just for me! But I guess it's hard to shake the feeling that
you are annoying the whole of the internet by waffling on online.
Ah well! We're in this together.

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  1. I just found your blog post about the Papergang subscription but had a little nosey around and this post hits the nail on the head! I just started blogging a few weeks ago and like you I do it for me but some views will always help. It all looks awesome keep up the good work :)

    1. Thank you so much! Glad you relate. It's certainly a struggle feeling like you're not attracting readers but I think it's all about dedication and promotion. I still enjoy writing even if no one reads! Good luck with your blog! x

  2. It's really hard to make friends sometimes and I've personally found some bigger bloggers ignore me entirely, despite the fact I'm not a newbie. I think that with anything, you'll get people who will welcome you and support you, and then there's others who feel they're too good unless you are bigger than they are. Not everyone is like that but a select few seem to make it feel that way. I always try to chat and support others because I know what it's like to talk to myself. It sucks. Tamsin xo

  3. Ps get some soft boxes to solve your lighting issue xx


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