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£5 eBay makeup brushes

eBay makeup brushes

So I know some people are a little reluctant to try out cheap beauty products, especially brushes, but being a bit of a cheapskate myself and having more important things to spend large amounts of money on, I'll do the trying & testing for you.

About November last year (I say this as if I'm guessing - I know it was November, I checked my eBay history lol) I bought a set of 10 makeup brushes off eBay. I wasn't looking for anything fancy anyway, just something to slap on my foundation with. (Beauty guru terminology.)

In the set you get 5 face brushes, including a flat top brush which is great for foundation, a chiseled brush that I use for contour, a dome powder brush and another slightly tapered powder brush. As well as these, you get 5 eyeshadow brushes, including a pencil brush, an angled brush and a flat top brush (with some other similar ones).

I have to say that the face brushes are actually very good. Sure, they're not anything like high-end brushes - you pay more money for a reason. But for a cheap set of brushes these have really stood the test of time for me! Bearing in mind I use these brushes daily, they haven't once shed or fallen apart which is something I would have expected from a set of brushes that cost less than a fiver.

They're soft on the skin and so far I've had zero shedding, even though I've also vigorously washed them several times. I'm pretty damn impressed. 

You can get exactly the same brushes from different sellers on eBay, and they're never usually more than £5. My particular set was £4.95 and I think it was free shipping too, which is even better. The listing that I bought from has now been taken down so I can't link to the exact product I bought, but there is a similar set here for nearly the same price. Buy from a seller in your country and it shouldn't take more than a few days to arrive. There's no room for complaints there!

Although... I will throw in a disclaimer at this point: my flat mate did buy a similar set and most of hers broke lol. This may be a faulty batch or, alternatively, she has bricks for hands and just smashed them apart. Who knows. (Sorry, Sarah.)

I would highly recommend these brushes for anyone who isn't too fussed about brand names or buying something a little cheap. I do like to splurge on high-end beauty products sometimes but the majority of the time I'll always look for more affordable alternatives.

Don't rule out eBay just because it's cheap! Some of the stuff is worth a try!

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