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Buddy Box - March 2016

Buddy Box Blurt Foundation review subscription box

The Blurt Foundation have done their very best as usual to put some positivity into our lives with this month's Buddy Box, especially with Spring just around the corner.

This month I received a few weird and wonderful goodies in my Buddy Box to put a real smile on my face, which is very much appreciated after quite a stressful few weeks.

Buddy Box Blurt Foundation review subscription box

I look forward to the artwork on the box each month (sad, I know), and March's logo is definitely in keeping with the 'spring' theme! 

First in the package is an adorable animated origami set. I went through an origami phase a few years ago but - as is typical me - I gave up because I got frustrated that I couldn't do any funky animals or shapes. I think I'll definitely be giving this a go because it's so cute! I think it'll have a similar effect to  those adult colouring books, as it'll be a great way of focusing on something that is not feeling sad or stressed.

Buddy Box Blurt Foundation review subscription box origami

This month I was happy to see another box of Clipper tea! I have recently been converted to the Tea Club, because I never used to drink it at all and swore it was the most vile drink I'd ever had. Now I drink tea all the time! This month's zesty flavour is a tropical blend of orange and coconut - seems a bit out there for me but I'm sure in time I will become brave enough to try it.

Buddy Box Blurt Foundation review subscription box clipper tea

The most unusual and interesting product in the box this month is probably 'Mungo Murphy's Sea-Bag'. It is a bag of seaweed (and potentially other natural things) that you boil and put in the bath, which releases all its natural oils into the bath water. This makes me sad because I currently don't have a bath tub in my rubbish flat... But moving day is fast approaching and I have a huge stock of bath bombs and other bath products I've been saving up to use in my brand new bath! I'm very excited to use this as it's something I've never seen or heard of before.

Buddy Box Blurt Foundation review subscription box

Last but definitely not least, tucked away in the bottom of the box is any stationery geek (like myself)'s absolute dream - a notebook. And pencil. But not just any pencil - a funky, multicoloured pencil. The notebook is absolutely too cute for life and definitely keeps with the theme of the box. I love starting fresh notebooks, and the quote on the cover is very fitting with the start of a new season. After the last few weeks, I'd also like to think that there is a new chapter in my life about to begin. How very apt and exciting!

Buddy Box Blurt Foundation review subscription box stationery

Thank you, Blurt, for another wonderful and uplifting box of treats! I look forward to this little package every month.

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If you'd like to subscribe to the Buddy Box, either for yourself or a friend, then you can do so at I would definitely recommend it! There are loads of subscription options to choose from.

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