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The Body Shop Mother's Day event

I was invited to a blogger's event at The Body Shop at the Trafford Centre on Friday, in order to launch their new British Rose collection, just in time for Mother's Day!

I won't lie - we went for a cocktail or two beforehand and I probably should have eaten before I started drinking. I hope I sobered up enough to not make a fool of myself at my first blogger's event!

We were introduced to our consultant, Hannah, who grabbed us a drink and some snacks (always good) before diving in and explaining a little bit about the new range. 

She told us some cool facts, including the little hand soap having dried rose petals inside to act as a gentle exfoliator, as well as looking pretty. All the roses are also grown in England, which is a nice thing to know sometimes. I love locally sourced stuff!

She gave us a pretty damn good hand massage using the scrub and body essence lotion from the British Rose collection, which smelt gorgeous. I'm not usually a fan of rose scented things - I feel like they smell like grandmas (which is fine if you're a grandma, but I'm 21 so...) - but there are undertones of citrus which makes it... Well, not too rose-y. I am a fan! The scrub left my skin super smooth and the lotions have light reflective pearls in them which make your skin glow. I'd say this range is the perfect gift for Mother's Day, or if you've got a special lady in your life that loves all those lotions and potions. I wish my mum did, but she's fussy. 

Hannah then gave me and my guest an in-depth skin consultation, asking about our skin types and current skin regimes, then recommending products to suit us. She really gave us some great information and was totally genuine - she wasn't there to just sell it to us, she told us her experiences of using the different products, and what worked and what wasn't necessarily that good. Hannah, I blame you for the money I spent that night.

We then were taken to another lovely girl (I didn't catch her name!) who gave us a little makeover using TBS products. Overall, all the staff were so friendly and chatty, I can't believe I've never spent more time in there before!

We were given special shopping baskets to identify us as guests for the event and there was a free Vitamin E gift set on offer just for us for spending a certain amount. I'm a sucker for freebies so I loaded my basket up fast. Head's up: there are loads of makeup and skincare products on 3 for 2 at the moment, so it's definitely worth taking a look!

I am practically a Body Shop virgin - I've bought a couple of tea tree facial products from there before, but never really delved properly into thinking about a real skincare regime. As you can see, I was pretty convinced some of these products would work for me! 

I picked up the seaweed cleanser which is good for oily/combination skin. I have started using this after taking my makeup off with a wipe as usual, and it's both interesting and disgusting to see how much is actually left on your skin even when you think it's clean! I'm trying not to use this too often as it is mattifying, and I don't want to dry my skin out, but I've only used it a few times and I'm already feeling way less greasy.

I also picked up my new favourite thing of LIFE, yeah I know I only bought it the other day, but I can't even express how impressed with this product I am. It is the youth cream from the Drops of Youth range which came out a few months ago. I am always put off by 'anti-ageing' products because I'm like hold up, I'm literally 21 years old and I don't need no anti-wrinkle night cream thanks very much. But this obviously isn't just for wrinkles; it helps your skin repair and refresh itself faster than usual as well as brightening the skin and making it look more youthful. It's fairly pricy for something I'll slap on my face (£20 for the tub) but it's pretty amazing so far. It goes a long way as you only need a pea size amount, and honestly the first night I used it, I woke up to a face that felt like a newborn baby. So. Soft.

Other stuff I got was a satsuma body mist (I like to smell fruity), a lip/cheek stain, a new eyebrow brush and a highlighter pen (the type for your face, not revision notes, obviously). There were also a ton of free samples in our goodie bag, including more stuff from the Drops of Youth range and also the Vitamin C range, which is meant to be really good for brightening up dull skin. This is good for me, as I look like a corpse without makeup.

In the Vitamin E gift set, there's a cleanser, serum oil and moisture cream, which I'm just as excited to use.

It's safe to say that I am absolutely obsessed with skincare now and I can't believe I ever got by with just a pack of baby wipes and some Nivea moisturiser.

I am definitely hoping they'll put more events on soon, because it was a really nice evening with some great, informative staff. Although it has bankrupted me, I am glad I have been converted to The Body Shop's ways!

Any Body Shop pro's have any products to recommend to me?
I'm all ears!

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