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Update: 21st birthday resolutions

So I have been 21 now for almost 5 months... If you read my post back in January, you'll know I set myself a few goals for this year. Since I'm almost halfway through (not really, but I thought I'd better justify it), I thought I'd take a minute to assess whether I've been sticking to them!

1. Read more books

Well, I'll be honest, I have had very little time to start with this goal. I've been working 50 hour weeks as well as trying to start a new job so my me-time has been extremely restricted. I'm excited to hopefully work some more reasonable hours so maybe I'll get time to sit down and read! I have been buying new books so I guess that's a start!

2. Join a gym

This, surprisingly, is a goal that I have actually achieved! Go me! *self-high-five*. I am not an exercise person and I actually thought that this is one of the last things I'd ever do... But nope, it's official, I joined the gym. I've also only been once since I joined but that's not the point... The first step is getting that membership. Again, when I have a bit more free time I'm sure I'll get into it. Maybe I can edit this goal and make it 2.2: Actually go to the gym.

3. Perfect my winged eyeliner

Sadly this skill is not coming to me very easily. I mean I'm better than I was... But I'm afraid my eyeliner can still smell my fear. I'm watching tutorial after tutorial, so research is being done. Watch this space. Maybe one day I'll have wings that could kill...

4. Start driving lessons again

Wow, I'm doing much better than I thought! I was lucky enough to be gifted some driving lessons for my birthday so I've been squeezing them in around work. It's tough but I'm getting there. I'll be really impressed with myself if I'm driving by the end of the year, but it would make my life soooo much easier. I've cut down on Ubers to force myself to work harder to pass my test! I guess for now Josh will remain my personal chauffeur.

5. Get a tattoo

This hasn't happened yet, because I'm very fickle and keep changing my mind on what I want! I think I'm close to a decision for my first tattoo, so it's just a case of saving up, finding the time and also not letting myself wimp out just before I get it done. I need a volunteer for a hand-holder, please.

Well, 2/5 ain't bad is it really?! For the Queen of Procrastination, this is exceeding
my own expectations. I think I deserve a drink to celebrate.

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