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Birchbox - May 2016

Well, I was certainly excited to come home to this delivery after being up for work at 3:30am! It's Birchbox time again!

This month's packaging was, yet again, adorable. I love the little aztec kind of print and I am a pink girl, so that sold me straight away. Another cool thing with this box is that the top silver bit actually scratches off, so you can scratch away little bits from the lid to make a cool pattern of your own! (I tried to show you but I ruined it.)

On to the products inside!

I'm pretty happy with the selection of samples I got this month, because I think I am probably going to use every single one. There's a nice mix of cosmetics, skincare and haircare based products that I think I'm really going to enjoy!

One thing I love about Birchbox is that they give you lots of options to customise your box, whilst keeping it a surprise! Last month we had the option to pick the design of our boxes (see what I chose here!)

This month, we were allowed to choose the colour of the Spectrum makeup sponge we received! There was a choice of lilac and pink and although naturally I always lean towards pink, I do have a few cheapo Primark dupes that are already pink, so I thought I'd separate my snazzy one from the rest. It feels super soft and as lovely as a brand new makeup sponge always does. (I am extra happy with this because I've been putting off washing my makeup sponges and brushes for like a week now.)

Next up is something I noticed actually isn't in the booklet for the box, but I'm pretty happy because it seems they listed the Kueshi foot cream which I actually got last month! Instead I received this body scrub by Rituals. I am always partial to a good body scrub so I can't wait to hop in the shower and use this. It's a nice touch that this doesn't seem to be sample size! Yay!

This pretty lil pink number is the Caudalie vinosource moisturising sorbet. I used this after my face mask this evening and my skin feels lovely! It's a very lightweight moisturiser with a subtle scent that made my skin feel really refreshed. Now it's getting a bit warmer (well, I mean when we eventually have to pay the price for the nice few days we've had) I don't like to slap too much on my face at once because my skin gets so oily, but I still need hydration! I think this may become a contender for my new favourite spring/summer moisturiser.

Next in this magical box was a little sample of PK Prep's polishing balm, which is a hair serum meant to banish frizz and add some extra vitamins to your hair. I'm excited to use this because I always feel that the ends of my hair are super dry, even when I've had a long ass break from dying it (like now, have you spotted my roots on Instagram? Lol @ my life.)

How cute is this teeny-tiny sample of The Balm's Stainiac lip/cheek stain? This one's in the colour 'Beauty Queen' and is a lovely pink-toned red.

It comes out of the tube kind of like a gloss because it's water based, but does set and stain eventually. I'm always a bit scared of using stains on my cheeks but I'll definitely be giving it a go on my lips. When you eat as much as I do, you need a lip product that can stand it! We'll see how this goes!

Last but not least was this mini sample of Vita Coco's coconut oil. I am definitely a fan of the old coconut oil, especially for leg-shaving and pancake making. I do, however, already own a big ass tub of it so the sample wasn't really necessary... But I guess every little helps!

I am very happy with this little box and definitely can't wait for the next one! I love it when a subscription box comes through that you know you'll use every single product.

If you like the look of Birchbox, you can go ahead and sign up right here. You'll also get £5 worth of Birchbox points to spend in their online shop, should you love any of your samples enough to buy full size! Don't say I never give you nothin'!

Until next time!

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