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Papergang - May 2016

I love when the end of the month approaches because it means all my subscription boxes start arriving!

This month's Papergang box is beautiful from the packaging right through to the contents. I was especially thrilled that a lot of the items followed the same theme as the packaging, which was definitely aesthetically pleasing.

My favourite two items from the box have the be this notebook and shopping pad designed by Jade Walsh. The 'kew cacti' pattern is the same as the outer packaging of the box (which I'm really annoyed I couldn't photograph because, yet again, Royal Mail decided to slap their delivery stickers all over it) and I am in love with this print. I love cacti. I love black. I love doodles. They're gorgeous. I love them.

My flat definitely needed a shopping pad since we are constantly running out of bread and milk, and I bought a chalkboard for us to write notes on but since Rebecca drew an A+ picture of Snape on it none of us want to rub it off. So now we have a replacement!

The notebook is also nicely versatile as it actually has graph paper - perfect for doodles, notes, maybe even starting that bullet journal idea I've been toying with...

Have you ever seen a pair of scissors this gorgeous in your life? I definitely haven't. These gold coloured scissors are shaped like a crane and are so tiny and delicate. I have no idea what you could cut with these but they are lovely to look at!

Like last month, there's a super cute little greetings card and this time it's this grumpy looking rhino wearing birthday hats. I relate to him on a personal level. I love the designs of these cards because I actually think they'd look really beautiful as wall art, or framed.

Finally, I received two of these pretty little foil pencils, in the perfect spring/summer colours. A nice touch to compliment the doodle book!

I am beyond pleased with this box, I think it is absolutely beautiful and it's as though all the products were hand picked for me by someone who knows what I like!

You can read about last month's box here and you can sign up to Papergang here!

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  1. Omg those scissors are stunning! What a fabulous little bunch of stuff!
    Thank you for recommending this subscription box to me!
    Love Charlene

    1. Aren't they precious!? No problem honey glad you enjoyed! It is a really sweet subscription package and you get tons of different stuff every time! Xx


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