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Skincare secrets with Farfetch

I've been thinking a lot about my skincare lately, and when Farfetch approached me about sharing some of my 'skincare secrets', I thought this would be a great opportunity to discover some new tricks along the way.

I'll show you all the stuff I'm using at the moment, as well as a few of the luxurious products from Farfetch that I'd like to give a go!

I personally have very combination skin - super oily yet quite dry as well. I struggle quite a lot to find products that can tackle both issues; products for oily skin usually have drying properties, and products for dry skin are usually oily and greasy (in order to hydrate).


The first thing I always make sure I do is remove my makeup properly at the end of the day - I try and  make sure that I do this with a good cleanser most days, however sometimes I do just throw a baby wipe across my face... I am a bit lazy, I'll admit. Cleansers are really important though as you don't realise how much grime is left on your face even after you wash it. This seaweed toner is great as it removes all the residue from my day of makeup, as well as mattifying my face. I don't use this every single day as its mattifying properties can dry your face out if used too frequently.

What I'd like to try: This Works 'In Transit No Traces' pads

This looks like such a good idea and even better for someone as lazy as me. It's a cleanser that's already in the form of a pad, so you can apply it straight to your face and remove all the grime and dirt. Infused with rose water and water mint, this cleanser is supposed to help brighten your complexion too, which is something I definitely need.


What I'm using: Clean & Clear exfoliating daily wash

I love this face wash as it's gentle enough for every day, but I prefer exfoliating facial washes as it gets rid of the dry patches of skin that seem to appear on my face every day. Not to mention it smells lovely! Clean & Clear are a pretty well-known high street skincare brand so I'm giving them a go and seeing what the results are. I also like that it's totally oil-free.

What I'd like to try: Malin + Goetz jojoba face scrub

What drew me towards this face wash was that it's still an exfoliant, but does claim to be suitable for all skin types, as well as sensitive skin. This is something that would be really great for me, as my skin is pretty sensitive but I usually ignore this and go for harsher products anyway, as I feel like they're the only ones that get results.


What I'm using: The Body Shop 'Drops of Youth' youth cream

I am nearly at the end of this pot (sob) and it's been great moisturiser; it was one of the first skincare products I tried from The Body Shop and was really impressed with the results, especially as it seemed to make my skin overall naturally less dry, which can only be a victory! I don't think I'll repurchase this just because I'm interested in the other products they have and wonder if they'll work as well. I am also on the hunt for something more lightweight for summer.

What I'd like to try: Natura Bisse 'oxygen cream'

Now this does have a bit of a price tag, but there's something about the name 'oxygen cream' that sounds so dreamy to me. Like, I can already imagine how gorgeous this would feel on my face. Also, it suggests that it would be the lightweight moisturiser I am currently searching for.

What are some of your favourite skincare products?
What would you recommend for summer?

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