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Birchbox - June 2016

Birch box June 2016

It's Birchbox time!

Birch box June 2016

As usual, I have fallen completely in love with the packaging of this month's box - who can resist some adorable pineapples?! It reminds me of the summer I will never have as long as I live in Manchester.

It also came in a cute little keepsake drawer rather than the usual box which was a nice touch!

So, first up I'll be completely honest - I was a bit disappointed when I opened this box. Every month we get samples so it's not that I ever expect full size products, but the samples I received were so small I was thinking, how am I supposed to even know if I like these products?

But, nevertheless, let's go on and see what arrived.

Birch box June 2016

I did get one full size product which was this Jelly Pong Pong brightening pencil. This is mainly to line your waterline to give the appearance of brighter eyes (could probably do with this to distract from my permanent fake Gucci eye bags) or I guess it could be used as a kind of highlighter, maybe under your brows.

I haven't used this yet but I did swatch it on my hand and it's not shimmery at all, just a bright nude colour. I'm not sure if I'll get much use out of this but I am interested to see what it's like on the waterline.

Birch box June 2016

Next I got a can of Percy & Reed hairspray. I don't actually use hairspray very often but the packaging design is very cute! I gave it a spritz and it has quite a pleasant smell; however I'm a weirdo that actually likes the alcohol smell of hairspray lol, but I think the absence of that would be great for people who don't like the usual hairspray smell!

Birch box June 2016

I also got this Whish cc body cream which, when I sniffed it in the tube, smelled really good... Until I put it on my hand and got hit with the smell of fake tan! This is supposed to be a skin correcting/bronzing lotion but I'll warn you, it is extremely shimmery!

Maybe don't use it on your face unless you want that all-over highlighter makeup look (did you see that video? Amazing). Again, not sure if I'll use this but I won't rule it out. I think it would be nice for a night out to put on your arms and chest for some extra glow.

Birch box June 2016

My favourite product from this box is this Huygens 'Le Gommage Visage' face scrub. Infused with rice powder particles it makes it a great exfoliant but it's gentle enough for daily use. Not to mention it smells divine, like a big fat slice of lemon drizzle. Mmmm.

Birch box June 2016

Finally, I got this absolutely teeny tiny sample of the Bioderma SPF30 mattifying fluid which did pique my interest, because I have the most annoying combination skin I'm always looking for new products to balance the oiliness of my face.

I'll be honest, I'm not 100% sure if this is meant to be like a face lotion because I put it on after my shower and it's a really strange texture. I do feel like it made my skin more matte, though, which is good! I am disappointed that the tube is so minuscule though; I feel like if I'd had enough product to properly trial this out, I might have even bought the full size.

You can read my review of the May box here!

What did you think of this month's box?

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  1. The hair spray is the only product I have previously heard of, but all of these do look good even if they aren;t necessarily products I would buy myself x

    1. The face scrub is beautiful, I've already used it up! x


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