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Sleek MakeUP 'Solstice' highlighter palette

There's been such a hype over this palette on all corners of the Internet lately, and naturally due to my massive FOMO I had to get in on the action to see what the fuss is all about!

I have only ever purchased one thing from Sleek MakeUP which was one of their 'Matte Me' liquid lipsticks, which is one of my favourite lipsticks!

Bloggers all over the place have been going on about this 'Solstice' highlighting palette, but I've been reluctant to get it because I didn't want to betray my trusty Carli Bybel palette. However, I gave in and picked this up from Superdrug for an affordable £9.99.

I'll be honest, I was a bit frightened when I saw that purple pan in there... But it has actually become one of my favourite shades from the palette.

There are three powder highlights and one cream, which I am yet to use on my face but when I swatched it the pigmentation looked really amazing.

The powders are insanely pigmented - if you know me at all, you'll know that when it comes to highlighters I like to be seen from space - so you can imagine my delight when I saw how pigmented these shades were!

Honestly, this palette totally rivals the highlighters on my Carli palette, and I genuinely never thought I'd find a highlighter that made me wanna cheat on Carli. (I'm sorry, Carli, I love you.)

This is also much more of a convenient size for taking around with me; it would fit perfectly in the clutch I like to take when I go out, so it means I can keep topping up on dat glow. Win!

I would absolutely recommend this palette to anyone and I'm really pleasantly surprised with it. The highlighters are completely buildable depending on the colour/shimmer intensity that you want and I feel like these colours would look amazing on any skin tone. I mean, if someone as pale as me can pull off that purple one, then I think everyone else will be fine!

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  1. I have heard so many great things about this palette! It is also a staple for the new all over highlighter trend! I totally need to get my hands on this palette! Thanks so much for the review love!


    1. Thanks so much for popping over! Yes I was so pleased with this palette, the hype really is worth it! So affordable for such a pigmented product!

      Alice x

  2. This looks beautiful! It's been added to my beauty wishlist :) x


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