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July Wishlist

Browsing the internet wistfully...

I've never done a wishlist post before, but after seeing a few nice things in shops lately, I thought I'd compile a few into a post for future reference, when I'm not so broke.

Pull & Bear slogan sweatshirt I'm not a blogger

'I'm not a blogger' slogan sweatshirt, Pull & Bear, £17.99

I saw this in the new Trafford Centre store the other day and thought it was so cute. You can't see in the picture but there are also little stripes on each sleeve. The jumper itself is quite lightweight but I'm a massive fan of the crewneck style! I'd buy this even without the slogan, I just think it's really cute.

Missguided ribbed pyjama set black Calvin Klein

Black ribbed pyjama set, Missguided, £18.00

I have no idea why I want this so much, but it's been sat in my basket for like 2 weeks now just begging to be bought. I love anything ribbed, I think it's really comfy and flattering. I also love the band detailing; it feels very Calvin Klein-esque. I like a nice loungewear set!

ASOS avocado pyjama set

'Shall we avocuddle' pocket vest & short pyjama set, ASOS, £18.00

More pyjamas... Can you tell I don't leave the house much? I've been looking at these for ages since I saw them on ASOS' Instagram, but they only had them in petite and my size wasn't even there. I've just gone back on the site to add these to this post and seen they've now restocked all sizes! *Adds to bag*

Gemma Correll feminist activity book

'The Feminist Activity Book' by Gemma Correll, Amazon, £7.99

This is right up my street - a crafty way to smash the patriarchy (and an excuse to use those rainbow sharpies I made my boyfriend buy me). This has been on my Amazon wishlist for ages.

Campus crew dusky pink Victoria's Secret PINK

Campus crewneck jumper, Victoria's Secret PINK, £42.68

We just got these into the Trafford store and I am so in love with them! Like I said, I love a crewneck jumper and I am especially obsessed with this dusky pink colour lately. These jumpers are so soft, I think I need to get one with my employee discount while I still can!

Missguided x Carli Bybel rose gold bomber jacket

Carli Bybel lace up bomber jacket, Missguided, £40.00

I can't tell you the HASSLE this jacket has caused me in my life so far. It was released as part of the Carli Bybel collab with Missguided. It was supposed to be put on the website at 6am one morning, there I was, up and ready for it. It was SOLD OUT because Missguided put it online at 1am by accident. Is this a joke? Anyway... While I'm being salty about it, I still really want it and check the website daily. I'm just mad at Missguided.


So there we go! Just a few thangs I've been looking at lately. I also want to take a sec to apologise for my absence - I've been having so much trouble with BT and trying to get my wifi connected at my new house, so I haven't been able to post at all. Hopefully it'll all be sorted soon and I'll be back!

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