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Papergang - June 2016

In all the hustle and bustle of moving out/moving in/moving all around, it has taken ages for me to pick this up from the post office!

I was especially excited about this month's Papergang box as it was a special Gemma Correll edition! She is one of my favourite artists/illustrators and I've followed her Instagram for as long as I can remember! Also, the abundance of pug related items in this box has excited me no end.

Usually would save best til last, but my absolute favourite item from this whole box is this beautiful notebook with different puggy illustrations over the cover. My mum said I am 'the grump' which is pretty true! I just can't cope with that sad little face!!

The pawfect (sorry) partner to the lovely notebook was this adorable dancing pug pen! Look at him wiggle his lil tail. Too cute.

Also included were these three washi tapes - one with red stripes to match the box, one with the same dancing pug pattern as the pen and one with various different words which accurately describe my feelings - including 'go away' and 'meh'. Can't wait to find some creative uses for these.

I got some more cute doodles in the form of gift wrapping paper! I thought this was such a lovely idea and definitely makes a change to the usual gift wrap that you get in Poundland at Christmas.

To be honest, this is too nice for me to even consider using as wrapping paper, so I'm thinking about measuring and cutting it to fit a couple of frames and maybe hanging it as wall art. (I say 'hanging' but I live in a rented house where they've banned blu-tac, so it'll be more like 'leaning against various pieces of furniture').

Last but not least, I got a greetings card which could not be more reflective of my current mood. I'm thinking about sticking this on a ping pong paddle and just holding it up every time I can't be bothered with someone or something.

Overall this box was entirely flawless - there's not a single thing in here that I won't use and everything is designed beautifully and with lots of care. I'm not sure any box could top this!

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  1. Love the theme - however I'm more of a cat kinda girl and would be more excited to see some little kitties hehe! I'm a big lover of washi tape at the moment so I would be thrilled to discover these in my box!
    Thank you for sharing what you got with us!
    I look forward to seeing more from you!
    Charlene McElhinney

    1. Haha I'm a massive dog person but I'm sure there will be a kitty theme at some point!! I've never had washi tape before but always been interested to try it, I've heard it's got so many uses! Thanks for popping by! Xx

  2. love your blog so much!! x
    Morgan |

    1. OMG! Babe! Thank you so much that's so lovely to say!! You're adorable xx


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