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Friday, 26 August 2016

Thinking wistfully back to my last holiday abroad (3 YEARS AGO I MIGHT ADD), I was more than happy when AdoreMe got in touch asking me to share my #BeachDayMusts!

I long for nothing more than my back on a sun lounger, a cocktail in my hand and the sound of the sea. Instead, I'm working 40 hours a week in the not-so-Mediterranean climate of Manchester, UK.

If I squint really hard, the rainclouds start to look kind of blue.

Anyway, I had a lot of fun putting together this little collage of some of my must-haves for any beach day, even if it was just a bit of window shopping for my next imaginary holiday!

Number one is, of course, a nice bikini to make you feel glam whilst you relax on the sand. This gorgeous polka dot number is from AdoreMe, who do a massive range of sizes (which is great for me!) Bikinis are about the only time I step away from my comfort zone in terms of colours. This red is to die for and would look killer with a tan!

Second, and most important, is to be constantly armed with a bottle of sun lotion. I am fairly pasty and burn super easily, so I need to slap on the factor 30 every few hours! It's not worth risking your skin's health just to get a tan. Never skip on the sun lotion and keep safe in the sun! I've used Nivea since I was a baby and it's never let me down.

Another #BeachDayMust is one for both fashion and safety - who doesn't love a big floppy sun hat? Nothing makes me feel more Lana Del Rey. It's also super important to keep your head covered - there's nothing worse than sun stroke. Keep cool in the heat and look fab at the same time! The one featured is super affordable from New Look.

One of my favourite things to shop for aside from bedding is towels - especially beach towels. Not only are they good for saving your spot by the pool, they also protect your booty from eating up all the sand. Nothing worse than a sandy crack (sorry, but it's true.) I love this one from Debenhams, with pink and blue ice cream vans!

To top off your beach look, you need a chic pair of sunglasses. I am OBSESSED with these rose gold babies from Coconut Lane! They are also on sale at the moment, so snap them up fast! You can use my code 'invocati20' for 20% off their entire site, so you have no reason not to, really!

I can't go on holiday without a stash of good books to see me through my sunbathing. I love going to browse the Waterstones book charts for new reads. I would highly recommend The Girl on the Train  by Paula Hawkins if you're into thrillers! Read my review here.

Lastly, you need something to throw all this stuff into - this gorgeous beach tote is from Accessorize and is perfect for carrying all your beach essentials. They're super easy to clean so it doesn't matter how sandy they get!

I could have gone on forever dreaming about all the things I'd take with me to the beach... But I had to whittle it down in the end! A good pair of sandals and a refreshing drink didn't make the cut, but I guess you know you need shoes and drinks to get you through the day!

What are your #BeachDayMusts? Check out the hashtag on Instagram and also @AdoreMe's page for some beach day essentials that are sure to get you lusting after a sunny vacation.

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I received no payment for this post - it is simply in collaboration with AdoreMe, nor did I receive payment from any brands mentioned.


  1. Very nice! I've tried bras and panties from this company and they are okay but I think I might like the quality of their swimsuits.

    S .x http://ramblingsofayoungprgirl.blogspot.com/

    1. I love the high waisted swimsuit, I definitely need to book myself a holiday as an excuse to buy one!

  2. Love this post, makes me even more excited for our holiday trip next month!
    I agree with the whole coming out of your comfort zone with colours, also love high waisted bikini sets! Always adore floppy hats, but I think they don't suit me!

    The book is defo the best choice you could ever pick! Thanks for sharing!


    1. Haha no I'm the same, I'm not much of a hat girl, but I love the idea of them! Thank you for stopping by!

  3. Hey Alice,
    I loved the post, especially that Im on my way to the beach as I'm typing this. My friend read The Girl on Train and he loved it so I wanna give it a try even though I'm not into thriller books. Anyway, great post. :)

    Nour | www.ohmynour.com

    1. Hi Nour! Enjoy your beach day, I only wish I lived somewhere with a hotter climate! The book is really great, I think you'd enjoy it! There's also a movie adaptation coming out soon :)

      Alice x


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