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The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

The Girl on the Train novel by Paula Hawkins

Another thrilling book recommendation from yours truly.

The Girl on the Train has a few different narrators as the book is split from different people's perspectives, however I'd say the main narrator is Rachel Watson - a divorced, unemployed alcoholic who travels to and from London every day whilst pretending to her flatmate that she still has a job. She gets the same train at the same time every day, which stops at the same signal behind the same house in the town she used to live in with her husband.

Rachel becomes obsessed with watching the lives of the people that live in the house, whom she names Jess and Jason. She invents their lives from the snippets that she sees - giving them imaginary jobs, children, characteristics and future plans. Maybe this is the only way she can escape the downwards spiral she is heading into.

Everything changes one day when she sees Jess kissing another man in her back garden, then a girl called Megan goes missing from the same town. Once an outsider, Rachel now finds herself slap bang in the middle of a missing person's investigation, trying to piece together the evidence through her alcohol-muddled memories and the things she's seen from the carriage of the train she catches every day.

This book is a very clever 'whodunnit' mystery, as we follow Rachel trying to piece together the information, however we are constantly thwarted by the fact that she's the world's most unreliable narrator, since she spends about 90% of the book blind drunk.

I had a really good time reading this book - it's one of those where you put it down to get on with doing something else, but you always find yourself thinking back to it and wondering what's going to happen next.

Usually, I'm not a fan of multiple narrators/POVs, but in this instance I could deal with it. There is one person's viewpoint - named Anna - that I felt wasn't really necessary to the plot, but apart from that I still think it was very cleverly written, and broken up enough that you don't get the full story too quickly. New things are discovered every chapter that make you question what you thought previously!

It's definitely a gripping novel that I wish I hadn't read so quickly! I'm now on the hunt for another book that'll match up to it!

Rating: 4/5

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