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My Amsterdam trip

So I just got back from a short but sweet break to Amsterdam, so I thought I'd tell you about what I got up to!

I'd never been to Amsterdam before so I was very excited to see what the city had to offer, especially after hearing a lot of good things!

Also, I apologise in advance for the photos - I only took my phone and polaroid camera and I kept forgetting to actually take pictures!

We arrived on Monday after a super quick 50 minute flight - which is great for me as I'm a very nervous flier. We got the train from the airport to Central Station, which took about 15 minutes, then we were hit with the true chaos of the city!

I mean, I'm no stranger to city life - I live and work in Manchester and I'm a frequent visitor to London. But Amsterdam was so much crazier than I thought! Bicycles and mopeds and cars just come at you from all directions! Make sure you don't step into the cycle lanes for even a second because you'll hear a thousand bells ringing at you from behind!

We didn't stay in a hotel for this trip; instead I booked an apartment on Airbnb. This was the first time I'd ever used it so I was a bit nervous in case the place was gross. In case you don't know what Airbnb is, basically people rent out their houses/flats/rooms etc and sometimes it works out cheaper than booking a hotel!

Luckily, the apartment was absolutely beautiful. It was about a 7 minute bus journey from central Amsterdam, on its own little island which I think was called Azartplein (or at least that was the stop we got off at). The funny thing is, on all the pictures that I had geotagged, the island automatically comes up as 'Amsterdam's coolest island'!

I found that travelling is super cheap here - we bought a 3 day travel ticket which could be used on all buses and trains and it was on 25 euros, for unlimited travel! This suited us perfectly. Then it only cost about 5 euros to get back to the centre on our last day via bus, then 10 euros to get the train to the airport.

We booked the whole apartment which was super light and airy. There was a cute little balcony that was perfect for us since we got the most beautiful weather whilst we were there. The only thing is that the road outside was so loud in the mornings that I never slept very well.

On the first day we didn't do much exploring as it took so long for us to find our apartment (LOL) so we went out for some dinner in the evening. I have to say that eating in Amsterdam is a pretty expensive deal! But the food we had was delicious nonetheless.

The next day we did some shopping in the main shopping area in the centre. They had so many good sneaker shops and I got so excited because we found some of the raw pink Adidas NMDs that I've wanted for so long, but are sold out everywhere. Typically, they didn't have my size so I was pretty gutted!

Josh did treat me to one of the gorgeous new rose gold Pandora rings, so it's not all bad and I was pretty spoilt!

Of course, we had to go and have a look around the famous Sex Museum because it's entertaining if nothing else. I'll be honest - I'm not sure why there's a sex museum as I didn't really learn much, but it did give us a few laughs!

There's basically loads of automated figures performing different sex acts with some sexual sounds played over the top. There's also a whole room just dedicated to pictures of porn. It's all very random and weird but pretty funny and I think it's something you have to see just for the experience. Although, it's probably not for everyone!

It was only 4 euros each to get in, as it's quite small and only took about 15 minutes to walk around. It was nice to get out of the blistering heat for a bit though.

We also went to see the Body Worlds 'Happiness Project Exhibition' which was a bit more expensive - about 16 euros each. I'd seen the Body Worlds exhibition a few years ago when they had one at MOSI in Manchester and really enjoyed it, but I felt like this particular exhibition was a bit lacking.

They have tons of plasticised human bodies and body parts and the theme of this exhibition was happiness, and the different parts of life and our bodies that can affect our happiness. It was still very interesting and there were a few interactive parts, like a giant swing that had a backdrop of a field of tulips, so that was pretty cute feeling like I was swinging in a giant field!

Of course we made some time to just walk around and look at all the canals, which couldn't have looked more picturesque in the sun. I think if we go back again one summer, we will definitely go on a boat tour!

We accidentally found ourselves in the Red Light District a few times, which was also an interesting experience! It's crazy how different society is there and what is acceptable. You wouldn't see naked ladies in the windows in Manchester, that's for sure! I do kind of like the freedom of sexuality there, though; I think it's an interesting concept.

Overall, the few days we were there went by in a blur but was so lovely to finally have a break and explore a place I've never been to before. Even though we weren't that far from England, the whole city is so different to what I'm used to and it's interesting immersing yourself in a slightly different culture.

I can't wait for our next adventure!

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  1. I went to Amsterdam in June, it's so lovely there I really want to go back! I did want to go into the body worlds museum but we didn't have a chance. The giant swing sounds cool!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. That's cool! I'd definitely go back as well! I love that it's not too far to travel for me, so makes it quite an easy holiday destination! x

  2. Wow! Amsterdam is definitely on my places to visit list but I never really looked into its touristic sites, so that was enlightening!

    Nour |

    1. It really is beautiful! I'm not a massive tourist myself but it was my first holiday in a really long time, so I think we just wanted to do some regular old sight seeing! Xx

  3. Sounds like you had a great time, I think I might visit this summer!!


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