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MUA Luxe PowerBrow sculpting gel

MUA is a brand I've always been fond of - affordable and accessible for everyone. I picked up this brow pomade as a potential dupe for my ABH dip brow. Let's see what I thought...

So I picked up this MUA Luxe PowerBrow from Superdrug for £4. In the Superdrug I went to, there were only 3 colour options - 'fair' and two other kind of dark browns. I went for 'fair' since it was the lightest colour there.

I looked on the actual MUA website afterwards and they do seem to have more of a range of colours - this sculpting gel isn't actually on the Superdrug website at all, so it must be fairly new!

The first thing that kind of startled me was the general size - the product itself is tiny - it is advertised as being 2.2g so I suppose that's why. It comes with a teeny-tiny angled brush hidden in the lid which is definitely convenient, however it is so small it's very hard to be accurate with it.

Unfortunately, the size of the actual product itself means I can't use my normal eyebrow brush with it, since it's so small.

In comparison to ABH's dip brow, there is a stark difference in how far the product goes. With my dip brow, a little goes a hell of a long way, however the MUA version takes a lot more product to fill in my sparse areas and define my brows.

It is creamy and blendable which is definitely a good thing!

The colour itself unfortunately wasn't as great a match as my dip brow - I find 'blonde' matches my natural hair colour perfectly and generally makes it look like I haven't even filled my brows in! However the 'fair' colour in the MUA gel has some red undertones and does not suit my eyebrows whatsoever. I find I have to put brown eyeshadow over the top just to get it to match.

Overall, I'm pretty disappointed with this product - I mean, I do adore my dip brow and it would be hard to find something to compare! However, I just feel like this product is not up to scratch at all. The packaging needs to be bigger so that you have the option to use your own brushes and the colour range needs expanding - there is only one colour supposed to suit blondes and the rest are a range of browns.

I wouldn't recommend this but I guess it'll do until I can afford another dip brow!

Have you ever tried this MUA sculpting gel? What did you think?

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