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Shadow Switch review*

The lovely team at Beauty Essentials kindly sent me one of their new products to try out!

The Shadow Switch is described as a 'dry brush cleaner' - a tool used to make switching from one colour shadow to another simple and effortless.

A product like this is perfect for someone like me - I don't own a whole menagerie of makeup brushes. I pretty much use the same three eyeshadow brushes to do my entire eye makeup look, whilst needing my little pencil brush for highlighting too!

The product itself is effectively a circular sponge in a nice durable tin - perfect for taking with you on the go.

At first, I was worried that the sponge itself might ruin my brushes, as the directions tell you to simply swirl your brush in circular motions around the sponge when it's dry. Surprisingly, there is no tugging or pulling at my brushes whatsoever and I've had zero hairs come away from my brushes.

Although it's a super simple product, it does make doing my makeup a lot easier and more flawless. I can go from a super dark eyeshadow colour right to my highlight on one brush and there is no product transfer.

The sponge itself is refillable and it's recommended that you get a new sponge every two months in order to keep it hygienic. In the meantime, you can wash the sponge with warm water and fragrance-free soap to get rid of product buildup that comes off your brushes.

I'd highly recommend this product and it's something that I've honestly started using everyday. I've never seen something like this in the UK before and it's a really useful tool that I reckon should be a part of everyone's makeup kit!

I have been advised that they are in the process of repackaging this product, so don't panic if you can't find the same one or yours looks different! The new packaging will look like this:

You can get your own Shadow Switch from Amazon here for just £5.99.

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*This product was kindly sent to me for free for review. Opinions are still my honest opinions and I wasn't paid for this post. There are no affiliate links in this post and I don't earn any money if you go and buy one - I would just recommend it!

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