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#BLOGMAS: Christmas Q&A

Get to know me with this festive themed Q&A!

1. Are you excited about Christmas?

I'm super excited to spend time with my family! I don't think the excitement will ever quite be the same as when you're a child, but I suppose as an adult, Christmas isn't about presents anymore, but rather just spending time with my family since I don't get to see them that often.

2. What are your favorite things about Christmas? 

Family time is number one! Of course, we all enjoy receiving gifts, so that's a bonus too! I also like to watch everyone open the gifts I picked for them. Christmas dinner is obviously the highlight of the day, though.

3. What are your 3 favorite Christmas songs? 

All I Want For Christmas Is You is, naturally, one of my favourites since I like to think I can sing like Mariah anyway! I also love a bit of Wham!'s Last Christmas and The Pogues' Fairytale of New York.

4. What are your 3 favorite Christmas movies?

I'll be honest - Christmas themed films have never really been my thing! I can't think of a single one! I do enjoy Love, Actually which I THINK is a festive film, right? People might send an angry mob after me but I've never even seen Elf!

5. How much sleep do you average on Christmas Eve?

Even as an adult I am guilty of waking up super early on Christmas Day! I'm a general grandma all year round, though, so tend to retire to bed by 10pm. Boring, huh?!

6. What do you want for Christmas?

I've mentioned a few things in my Christmas wish list post, but I'm sure there are loads of things I've seen that I'd quite like for Christmas. I think my main interests are a few things for my blog, like the cinematic light box on my wish list and also a new camera. I won't get the camera as a gift but I've asked for a bit of cash to go towards it! 

7. Do you like flurries, blizzard, or no snow on Christmas?

I suppose since I don't leave the house on Christmas day, a white Christmas is always a lovely idea! However, in general, I don't enjoy snow - especially in Manchester since it is almost always followed by rain, which turns it in to a grey slush that just looks ugly and sad.

8. What was your favorite gift you ever got? 

I'm sure there were some cracking gifts in my childhood years - you can see how happy I was with my Tinky Winky doll in my childhood Christmas post! In more recent years, my boyfriend has been very generous with gifts - he's always getting me new sneakers to add to my collection! My friends always do amazingly with picking presents as well, although I do like to think that I'm actually quite an easy person to shop for!

9. Real or Artificial tree?

Nowadays we just get an artificial tree, as they're far less hassle and obviously reusable. I do remember a few years when I was younger where we got a real tree and it did look magical! We stopped getting them when we got our dog, Bex, as we didn't want her to get the pines stuck in her paws!

10. Do you like giving or receiving presents more?

I think I'd be lying to myself if I said I preferred giving presents, lol. I mean, I'd rather have money spent on me than spend money! But don't get me wrong, I love the idea of giving gifts. Like, if I had infinite money, I'd be buying gifts constantly. Sometimes I feel a guilt at Christmas that I don't have the funds to buy people the kind of presents that they deserve.

11. When do you open presents, Christmas Eve or Christmas day?

Obviously Christmas day! Who the heck opens them on Christmas eve?! That's despicable.

12. When do you put up your decorations?

Back at my family home, it's a family joke that my mum will refuse to put the decorations up until a few days before Christmas. She hates them! We usually put them up earlier at my house since we will all go home for Christmas, so we like to have the house feeling festive for a little bit longer.

13. When do you take them down?

To be fair, by the time Christmas is over, I can't wait to get rid of them! It's also bad luck to keep them up after the 7th January? Is that right? Weird superstition but I'm taking no risks!

14. When do you normally go Christmas shopping?

I am notoriously terrible for leaving my shopping til the last minute, however this year I started early November so that I had the majority done before I started panicking. I am still panicking, though.

15. Do you believe in Santa Claus?

As much as I miss the magic of it, unfortunately there is no way I believe in Santa!

25. What is your Christmas meal?

Starter is usually pâté on toast with some kind of salad (I actually don't know why we have it, my mum just insists). Main course is, following tradition, always turkey. Roast dinners are my favourite kind of meal but there's something about Christmas dinner that is just way superior! Dessert varies year to year, depending on what my mum finds or decides to make (but it's always delicious)!

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