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My first time

I know these things are usually 'tags' but I like to take it upon myself to take part in them anyway, tagged or not!

I took the questions from TopKnotKindaDay - I won't be tagging anyone at the end but do feel free to answer the questions, and maybe tweet me so I can read your answers! I love posts like this!

1. First tweet

Well I haven't had my blog Twitter for that long, so it doesn't go too far back. However, in the interests of keeping this post... Well, interesting, I'll include my first ever tweet on my personal account too (cue the cringe).

What was I even on about?

2. First blog post

I think I deleted some of my very early blog posts - before I was really taking it seriously. I felt like there was no point keeping posts I wasn't totally proud of. The first post you can get off my blog is a post about some trainers I got, which you can read here if you want!

3. First blog I subscribed to

Honestly, I couldn't tell you! My friend Melissa runs a blog called Honeybee Whispers which is definitely something I used to read and used to inspire my own blog. I feel a bit overwhelmed in the blogging world sometimes and can't focus on just a few blogs. I have always read what takes my fancy.

4. First Facebook profile picture

Unfortunately I deleted it off Facebook! I remember exactly what it was - a tiny little 50px by 50px picture of a girl dressed as a fairy, but you couldn't see her face. I tried to find it on Google but couldn't! I joined Facebook way before selfies were a thing. I don't think 10-year-old me fancied taking pictures of herself!

5. First love - do I still speak to them?

No, we don't talk anymore. Our relationship was pretty weird and toxic even after we broke up, so I think it's for the best that we don't talk.

6. First alcoholic drink

Surely everyone's first alcoholic drink was a WKD blue?!

7. First job

My first job was at a payroll company when I was 16. I started off just doing admin stuff but then I branched out into doing the database stuff and sorting out payslips. It was weird for a first job but it was alright! I got paid weekly - every Friday - so it used to be great because I always had money for the weekend!

8. First car

I've never had one! I still don't drive.

9. First person to text me today

Josh, dreading going to work on Boxing Day!

10. First person I thought of this morning

I'll be honest... Myself! I had to stay on the sofa at my parent's house, had been awake since 4:30am and my back was killing me!

11. First celebrity crush

I've been thinking about this so hard, but I don't remember! I don't really remember ever fawning over celebrities. My first mad celebrity obsession would have been the Jonas Brothers, for sure!

12. First thing I do when I get home

It depends - run a bath, usually find some kind of comforting snack to take away the stress of another day at work... Or just head straight to bed.

13. First best friend - do we still talk?

My first best friend was a girl called Charlotte that I met at nursery. We were best friends all through primary school and high school. We don't talk anymore, which is kinda sad I suppose.

14. First sleepover

I don't really remember my first ever sleepover. I remember having one on Halloween at my best friend Amy's house in year 7 or 8, which was really fun. It was one of those where you're just testing yourself to see how long you can stay awake for. I think we snuck into the garden to play with her dog in the middle of the night.

15. First thing I do in the morning

Check my phone and scroll through for a bit to wake myself up. Then go to the bathroom, go downstairs, have a drink and some breakfast. If I'm working I usually do all my makeup and stuff before I go downstairs. If it's a day off then don't expect me to get dressed at all!

16. First concert

Hmmm... My first arena concert I think was Paramore, which was soo good. I used to go to gigs all the time though; I think one of my first ever concerts was Go:Audio at Manchester Academy.

17. First time I got in trouble

Without making myself sound extremely boring, I don't think I've ever got in to masses of trouble. My mum used to shout at me and my sister all the time because we just couldn't get along. I've never been a rebel! I don't really get into trouble.

18. First piercing

My earlobes when I was 10 maybe? Nothing exciting.

19. First foreign country I've visited 

I went to Crete when I was about 6.

20. First movie I remember seeing

Oh, God knows! My memory is too awful to do quizzes like this! I've seen a heck of a lot of films in my life. I remember being allowed to watch a film every night before bed if I agreed to get into bed early. They were all on VHS! My favourite was Alice Through the Looking Glass.

21. First detention

Again, I didn't get detentions often. I got a couple in high school just for regular, stupid things. My school was pretty strict so I think I got a detention once for having my bag around school when it was supposed to be in my locker! Also, I failed a History mock exam three times and refused to take it any more times, so she threw me in detention and compulsory revision classes.

22. First roommate

For my first year at uni I technically lived alone since I was in halls, but I didn't really make any friends. For the last 2 years I've lived with Sarah & Rebecca, two of my best friends from college, so I suppose they are my first roommates!

23. First pet

My lovely bunny called Furby! She was an albino rabbit and she was soooo beautiful. My sister painted her purple once.

24. First sport I played

I hate sports! Hate hate hate! I guess swimming lessons was the first proper kind of sport I did. I do like swimming, to be fair.

25. First time I remember being very scared

It sounds silly, but I remember having an awful dream when I was really little. I was on my swing set in my back garden, happy as Larry, when a koala flew (???) and sat on top of the swing. He was evil and I got scared, so I somehow made my swing set grow wheels and I started whizzing off down the street to get away from him. He kept flying after me and freaking me out. I can literally replay that whole dream in vivid detail even now!

Feel free to take a copy and write out your own answers!

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