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#BLOGMAS: Secret Santa gift ideas

Are you taking part in Secret Santa this year? Either for work, school or even among your friendship group, it's all too common that you might struggle buying for someone you don't know that well! Hopefully this gift guide will inspire you!

Note: all these gifts are under £10. Many Secret Santas come with a spend limit (ours is £10) but remember it's not always about value! And, as always, none of these links are affiliate links and I have not been paid for this post!

Unicorn lover? General fan of mystical creatures? Maybe just doesn't like humans? (Same).  A mug is  a fool-proof gift, especially for work colleagues! This cute mug from Prezzybox boasts a majestic unicorn (#hairgoals) with the slogan 'I don't believe in humans'. And only £4.95!

Who isn't a fan of GoT these days? (Me...) This cool gift from RED5 is a blind-boxed mystery mini Game of Thrones figurine - you don't know which character you'll get, but that's part of the fun! It's only £6.99 and there is the chance of getting a lot of the main characters as well as some adorable dragons.

Maybe I'm only including this because I personally would LOVE this as a gift... Maybe be careful who you give this to since you're essentially calling them a bitch. Lol. But this pink, fluffy, glittery sleep mask is actually adorable, with the right amount of sass. This is £4.99 from ToxicFox.

Especially if your Secret Santa is taking place in the workplace, it's pretty much guaranteed that there will be someone there who can't get through the day without coffee. These hip coffee stencils will allow them to get that barista-style coffee art whilst they're slaving away at work! If I liked coffee I'd totally get these myself. They are £9 from Missguided.

I hope this helps! I had lots of fun browsing for this post but still haven't got
anything for my own Secret Santa! Oops!

What is the weirdest/worst/most bizarre Secret Santa gift you've ever given/received?

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