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#BLOGMAS: Christmas traditions

Here are some of my favourite family Christmas traditions!

Every year since I can remember, on Christmas morning, there has been a rule that no one is allowed to go downstairs until everyone in the family is awake, and we all go downstairs together. Nowadays, since none of us are kids anymore, my older brother is never awake so we have to go down without him!

Even to this day my mum makes sure she is the first one down the stairs; she'll peek through the living room door and say 'aww, he hasn't been!' ('He' being Santa, of course). When we were little, this used to get us every time, and we'd rush in expecting an empty Christmas tree, but instead we'd be greeted with tons of presents!

It was also a rule that my mum and dad had to make a cup of tea before we could have any presents. They'd then take it in turns to hand out the presents and tell us who they were from. Then we were allowed to go crazy and open all our gifts! This still happens similarly now, but it's a lot more relaxed (and there's definitely less presents) as I suppose we are all grown up now!

It's always bacon sandwiches for breakfast on Christmas Day! So after we've opened our gifts, we eat breakfast then go about getting ready for the day, whilst my mum puts the turkey in the oven, ready for the best meal of the year!

The day itself is pretty relaxed, but when we were younger it was just pure madness - I remember opening presents at home, getting dressed, then we'd all go round to my nana's house where there would be literally the most GIANT sacks of presents for us. Looking back, we were so spoilt!

We'd always have a big family Christmas dinner at my nana's house; the preparation of which was always chaotic, but the end result was the best. I still look forward to Christmas dinner all year, even now!

After dinner we'd all be so full that my dad and grandad would fall asleep on the sofa, while we played with all our new toys. Nowadays, we just have Christmas dinner at my house but since we don't get toys anymore, it's tradition that we play silly games after dinner. My mum always finds funny quizzes and games to play after we've finished eating.

Christmas definitely isn't all about the presents, although I do enjoy giving (and receiving) gifts! Christmas is a lot more special to me these days as I don't live at home anymore and work a hell of a lot of hours, so time spent with my family is very minimal. It's nice to have a few days to spend together where work isn't an issue, there's little pressure to do anything except relax, eat a ton of food and have some quality time.

What are your Christmas traditions? How does Christmas Day differ now compared to when you were little? I'd love to hear all about your family traditions!

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