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22 things I've learned in 22 years

Cue that catchy af Taylor Swift song... Happy 22nd birthday to me!

Without further ado, here are 22 things I have learned throughout my 22 years of life.

1. You can't please everyone

No matter how hard you try, someone's always unhappy with you. Or maybe that's just me? Feels like I'm always disappointing someone; however, please refer to point number two.

2. I don't really care

Leading on from the above, not only have I learned that I can't please everybody, but I've also learned that I'm past the point of caring. I feel like I am far too old to be playing catch up with people who are upset with me one day, then are begging for forgiveness the next. 

3. I still can't manage money

So I've got £100 in my bank... My rent comes out tomorrow, that's £300... And this dress is on sale for £20... *Furiously does the mental maths* yep, I can totally afford that. CHECKOUT. When will I learn? Who is going to stop me being overdrawn month after month?!

4. I still can't drive

I pre-wrote this one hoping I might have surprised myself come January 20th 2017. Alas, here I am, still crying on buses/in expensive Ubers home. One day, Alice, one day.

5. Life changes very quickly

On my 21st birthday last year, I don't think I ever imagined my life to be the way that it is now, 365 days later. This year I've realised that no matter how much you want something, or how much you plan for something, nothing is ever set in stone and you need to learn to prepare for sudden changes.

6. It's important to make myself proud

I've spent a lot of time this year worrying about whether people were proud of my achievements. I feel like I have been trying to make up for the fact that I dropped out of university and disappointed a lot of people; I wanted to make sure that people saw it was the right decision and I have prospered without the need for a degree. 

I don't feel that I have accomplished that much, as it is a slow process. But along the way I have realised that I need to stop focusing so much on trying to make other people proud of me, when I should just feel proud of myself for every accomplishment that might not seem big to anyone else.

7. I get bored if I'm not learning

I left uni, I work full time but I'm not really advancing academically anymore. I don't learn many new things through my job as I've been there long enough to know it like the back of my hand. I need more stimulus for my brain to keep functioning. I guess I've learned I'm a geek who likes to learn!

8. I enjoy being a grandma

Obviously not literally a grandma... But I always run the same joke that I'm old before my time, because I like to be in bed by 10pm; I like to drink wine in my pyjamas and I also like to avoid leaving the house if I really don't have to. I mean, I'm 22, and people expect me to still be out doing those things that youths do. *shudder*. I'm happy with a brew and Netflix in bed. If I go out, I'll be going home at 1am. I'm happy that way!

9. Hobbies are quite important

Without them, all I think about and focus on is work. And trust me, I don't need that kinda stress in my life!

10. I need to find more hobbies

Does this need an explanation? I'm going to throw myself into my blog more but I am also going to get started with the beautiful sewing machine I bought myself 6 months ago and am still yet to use.

11. I need to stop comparing other's successes to my own

I've been getting myself down in the dumps over the progression and opportunities other people seem to get whilst I feel like I've just been taking steps backwards. Comparing myself to other people doesn't help at all and I need to focus on making my own successes.

12. I'm not as terrible as I think I am (mostly)

This year I've realised I have such lovely friends. A super thoughtful Secret Santa gift in December made me realise that even people I don't necessarily know that well, still pay attention to my likes and interests and clearly think I'm a nice person. The self depreciation needs to stop!

13. I'm pretty cynical

I mean, this is not news to anybody! But I guess if I can accept and address it, maybe I will be closer to achieving my resolution of trying to become a more positive person.

14. I care a lot about what people think of me

I know this is hypocritical since #2 is titled 'I don't care' - but I have come to learn and accept that even though it doesn't necessarily affect my daily life, I do, deep down, care about other's opinions of me. I don't think this is exactly a bad thing - if you can take on board criticism then surely it will just help you grow as a person. Also, what human being doesn't actively want to be liked?

15. I care a lot about other people

A few years ago, you'd never catch me saying this. I always used to think I was born without the 'emotional' gene - I do still have trouble talking out loud about feelings and emotions, but at least I can now admit that I actually have feelings. I care a lot about my family and friends and have a lot of love for a lot of supportive people in my life.

16. I want to be more selfless

I want to try and volunteer or do something that doesn't just solely reward me. I think about myself a lot, which is totally natural, but I'd like to think I am able to care selflessly about someone other than myself. That's mature, right?

17. I still have a lot of growing to do

Not height-wise, since I feel my growth spurt is long missed. As a human, I am still very young and have much emotional development to do.

18. I work hard at everything I do

I always have. I'm a hard worker and like I said above, I love to learn. This is a trait I want to keep!

19. Friendships change. A lot

I've gone through my fair share of best friends in 22 years. I guess a lot of friendships have an expiration date. I don't think I ended friendships with these people through a blazing row or anything like that; they kind of just naturally came to an end. I've accepted that this happens and it's just worth appreciating the friendships you have in the present.

20. I need a better work/life balance

Work demands a lot from me, and with my promotion taking effect this month, it will probably be a little more hectic than usual. I have realised that I've never been very good at balancing my work and social lives. I need to make sure I am making an effort to see friends and family when I am not working. I need to make sure I leave my work at work, and not let myself come home thinking about work. Home will be completely separate!

21. I want to see more of the world

Or even just the UK. You know, like, actually leave my house sometimes?

22. Age is but a number

I may be 22, but I still love Disney princesses and teddy bears and everything pink. 

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  1. Loved this! So reflective and interesting to see, being a few years younger I feel I've still got a lot to realise!

    1. I have a long way to go, too! It's nice to see how I feel I've matured though, haha!

  2. Aww I loved this post! I agree with so many of them, I definitely need to stop comparing myself to others, I'm so bad at looking at where others are at in their life and feeling like im nowhere near it! I also love being a grandma too haha, as soon as I get in I put my pyjamas on and just love to chill out in front of the tv :)

    Tiffany x

    1. So glad to hear I'm not alone in being a grandma! I've always been that way. Clubbing never was and never will be for me! x

  3. I love this post! I definitely relate to a lot of these and I'm only 20 aha

  4. Hurray for twenty-something grandmas! I was one too. Now I'm a thirty-something grandma ;)! And I'm the same way with money: a new dress will ALWAYS win over paying rent, oops!



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