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Blogging bucket list

Do you ever read other people's blogs and just wish you could do some of the things they do?!

There's a lot of stuff I'd love to do on my blog but just can't see myself doing. I've been in a little bit of a rut lately, so thought I'd put together a short 'blogging bucket list' to inspire me to reach towards my goals and achieve more from my blog!

OOTD post

I love a good outfit/fashion post and I am obsessed with seeing how different people style themselves everyday. I am really self conscious about my body so I think that this kind of post is something I could never do, as I know I'd look at every single picture of me and just hate what I see! I hope to one day be brave enough to throw an outfit together, feel fine, fresh, fierce and upload a few snaps.

Makeup tutorial

This is another thing my self-esteem gets in the way of. I can only take a decent selfie with one of those ridiculous Snapchat filters and I avoid putting my face on my blog at all. However, I'd absolutely love to get creative with my makeup and put together a tutorial post. Maybe one day!

Approach a brand I'd like to work with

I'd love to get to the point where I am so proud and confident about my blog that I'd be willing to approach a brand I love and ask if they'd like to work together. So far, I have very little experience working with brands. I think it's natural to kind of sit back and wait for people to get in touch with you. Once I find my blogging feet again after a long dry spell, I'd love to put myself out there and potentially work with brands that I've admired for a long time.

Try boosted posts

On most social platforms now there is the option to pay for 'boosted' posts to increase your reach. This isn't 'cheating' - most businesses would not be able to grow without trying to reach new audiences. Once I am totally happy with my blog I'd like to play around with setting aside a social media budget and try boosting posts every so often to see what their response is like. If you have any experience with promoting posts on Facebook or Instagram I'd love to hear about it and whether it worked for you!

Try guest posting

I think I've written one or two guest posts for other bloggers which I really enjoyed doing, and it's a great way of reaching new audiences. I'd like to do more of these and collaborate with other bloggers in my niche - the only thing that puts me off is the pressure of writing something that not only I am proud of, but something that that particular blogger would be happy to put up on their site! I'd also be interested in maybe one day featuring guest posts on my own blog.

Rename and rebrand

I won't lie, the origins of my blog name have long since escaped my memory because I originally set this blog up as my own little private piece of the Internet. I didn't expect to really take it that seriously and I expected even less that people would like my content! I'd like to rename my blog to something that means more to me, but I am aware of the dangers of this because some people already kind of know who I am from my blog name. I'll do this whilst I'm still a pretty 'unknown' blogger so as to confuse less people! I haven't got any ideas yet but I am definitely thinking about it.

What would be on your blogging bucket list? I'd love to hear about what you'd like to try!

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