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Recently watched on Netflix

Anyone else going through a TV dry spell?

In order to possibly sprinkle some Netflix inspiration into your life, here's a round-up of a few things I've been viewing lately...


Riverdale Netflix

Honestly, I'm still not 100% sure how I'm feeling about this show. I've seen it majorly hyped all over the internet and I binged the first 10 episodes in a day... But I didn't really enjoy it! The general premise is a bit of a murder mystery - your typical small town, someone's been murdered, it's a bit of a whodunnit kinda thing... With a random High School Musical element thrown in because the redhead jock wants to be a singer but can't. For whatever reason.

I'm sticking with it regardless because A) obviously, I want to know who the killer is! And B) the girls in this show are just way too hot. Like, seriously, I'm watching it just for them. Cheryl Blossom could punch me in the face and I'd say 'thank you'.

My rating: 3.5/5 but it has potential to get better!

Thirteen Reasons Why

13 Thirteen Reasons Why Netflix
PC: Netflix

I really don't feel emotionally stable enough to even delve in to my real feelings about this show... But I'd be lying if I said I didn't binge it over a very short period of time. It's intense, it's difficult to watch and it's kinda triggering in lots of ways; but I think, underneath its flaws, it brings up some real important issues. In case you've been living under a rock, this show is based off the book of the same name, in which a girl named Hannah Baker commits suicide and leaves a set of tapes addressed to each person that somehow contributed to her decision to end her life.

There's quite a lot of controversy surrounding the show at the moment. There's a lot of stuff they definitely didn't get right, but I think if you are feeling up to it, it's something worth watching. There are trigger warnings at the beginning of the really bad episodes, but as a forewarning there is r*pe, sexual assault and suicide involved.

My rating: 4/5

Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On

Hot Girls Wanted Turned On Netflix

Netflix did a documentary called Hot Girls Wanted a while back which explored the porn industry; it was very interesting, so I was intrigued when they came out with this mini series. There are six episodes, all exploring a different part of the porn industry, from women directing porn, to the people that star in it, to a controversial and extremely public case of a young girl live broadcasting the r*pe of her friend and the consequences she'll have to face.

It's a pretty awesome documentary series that gives you an insight into an industry that's still very taboo these days. The first episode, 'Women on Top', is especially empowering as it explores the importance of women having more control over the direction and production of porn, in order for it to be less of a misogynistic industry - porn isn't and shouldn't be created just for men!

My rating: 5/5

Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls A Year In The Life Netflix

I know this isn't new television or anything, but I filled a lot of time over the last few months watching Gilmore Girls start to finish. If you're one of the rare people (like I was) who hasn't seen this show, I couldn't recommend it more for something lighthearted, warm and comedic. It was a nice break from intense dramas.

And just to top it off, when you do finish all 7 seasons, there's still Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life!

My rating: 5/5

Let me know what you thought of any of these, if you've seen them! Also, I am so open to suggestions for new shows and documentaries to watch, so please send them my way!

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