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Lollapalooza Paris 2017

As part of my recent trip to Paris, we attended Lollapalooza festival! Here's what we got up to...

I've heard of Lollapalooza before, but 2017 is the first year that it's been held in Paris (and close enough for me to go!) Me and my friends booked it pretty last minute on a kind of spur of the moment decision. With Lana Del Rey, The Weeknd and Red Hot Chilli Peppers set to headline, I definitely couldn't say no!

Three girls stood in front of Lollapalooza sign
I've never been to a festival before and the idea of it did make me a bit nervous. I don't do well in overcrowded spaces and get really stressed and anxious in busy situations like that, but Lollapalooza was definitely not what I was expecting!

Eiffel Tower with Lollapalooza sign

It was held on a giant racecourse in Longchamp, so pretty out of the way of Paris itself, but meant that they could utilise such a giant venue. There were four stages, plus countless food and drink stalls as well as other pop-ups from brands and companies giving out free goodies and doing a bit of promo. Oh, and there was also an entire section dedicated to raising awareness about doing our bit for the planet and being a bit more eco-friendly, including a craft station where people were making their own flower crowns out of real flowers!

Crowd of people and wall full of green plants and flowers

Three girls stood in front of wall of green plants and coloured flowers

The food was incredible; so not what I was expecting. I'd pretty much set myself up for a couple of greasy burger vans with never-ending queues... Boy, was I wrong! Lollapalooza definitely prides itself on its food, hence why there was an entire section of the racecourse dedicated to 'Lolla Chef' - food central!

There were your typical burger and pizza stalls of course, but there were also countless crepe and waffle stalls, churros, baguettes, sausages, pasta and the most amazing bread bowls filled with cheese and vegetables and more cheese... I'm honestly drooling just thinking about it.

The drinks were pretty limited being just beer and cider on offer, until on the last day we found a tiny hut serving some drink that comprised of 3/4 of a cup of passionfruit liqueur topped up with a tiny bit of water. Extremely tasty, extremely high alcohol content... Let's just say it took me about two cups to be a bit unsteady on my feet. No wonder I got sunburnt so badly that day!

Busy festival crowd

The queues for everything were, as expected, looooong so it took you an age to get a drink. The toilets were the downfall, though... There was so much space for more toilets that they just didn't utilise - we were waiting nearly an hour at one point to use the toilet and even more annoying wasn't just the tiny block of cubicles we had to use, the fact that there was a cleaner spending 5 minutes cleaning each cubicle every time someone came out! Like, I know we all appreciate a clean toilet, but when you're at a festival you just want to pee and get out of there...

It was such a chilled out atmosphere - if you wanted to sit and chill there were loads of picnic benches or if they were full, tons of space on the grass to spread out and relax. Even the crowds were just there to have fun and no one seemed to be causing any trouble (can't say the same for UK gigs I've had the displeasure of going to...) - it was honestly just the best vibe.

The highlight of my weekend was definitely seeing my angel Lana Del Rey live again after so many years! She was absolutely wonderful and I sang my heart out to every song. Seeing Liam Gallagher perform 'Wonderwall' live was an experience too - especially since he hates that song with a passion! Hearing every single person in that crowd sing along was amazing.

Lana Del Rey

The Weeknd put on such a good show and I'd definitely pay to see him live again. RHCP were such a treat and I feel pretty lucky to have actually seen them live, even if it was in the middle of the pouring rain!

Festival stage surrounded by fireworks


All in all, Lollapalooza has set the standard high for me when it comes to festivals! I am definitely already planning to go to another Lolla fest, but it won't be in Paris, that's for sure... We had a bit of a nightmare in Paris, but I feel like that's a story for another time!

Three hands with Lollapalooza wristbands

Eiffel Tower with Lollapalooza sign lit up at night

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  1. Wow, as a last minute trip, this sounds absolutely fab! I am so jealous that you got to see Lana live, I bet she's an incredible performer and really gave you goosebumps! Great to hear that The Weeknd was so good as well, I'm not surprised that this festival has set high standards for your next one!

    Abbey 😘

  2. Wow this looks amazing! I love all of your photos and I'm so glad you had a fab time :) xx


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