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Glossybox | August 2017

So recently I was on the hunt for a new subscription box to try out, and Glossybox was highly recommended to me on Twitter! I'm a little late to the party having been away nearly all month, but here are my thoughts on August's Glossybox.

Straight off the bat, the packaging is super adorable. I like the simplicity of the design and the slogan on the front tells you straight away that it's a summer-themed box!

Inside is even cuter - the products are all wrapped in tissue paper with a little bow. I love attention to detail and when they've not just thrown your products carelessly into an empty box.

In the box are 5 beauty products, three being full size. There was a nice range of different things to try out and 3 out of 5 of the brands I'd never heard of; I like that, though, because for me the point of these boxes is to try brands I maybe wouldn't have actively gone out and bought myself.

The first product was a full size product, which is the 'safari sun bronzer' by Model Launcher. The packaging is sleek and the leopard pattern on the actual product is a super nice touch. I won't lie, I'm not really a bronzer girl since I'm as pale as a ghost, but I have been using it as an eyeshadow instead which I've quite liked. I find it's not very pigmented as a shadow, so takes quite a bit of product, but that's not necessarily a problem. This product RRPs at £16.50 which I'm not sure I'd be spending off my own back, purely because I don't use bronzer.

Next was an ever adorable Ciate London nail polish, in the shade 'Fade to Greige'. I've never tried any Ciate polishes before but I see them all over Instagram, because they're just so cute! Something about that tiny bow makes them so 'grammable! I thought the colour choice was strange for a summer-themed box, as it's a dark grey-purple colour. It is a lovely colour and I guess perfect that I received it late as we slowly but surely head into Autumn season! The full size product RRPs at £9; although it has nice packaging and applied super easily (it only needed one coat), I managed to chip the polish within a day so I don't think I'd spend £9 over the usual £4.99 I'd spend on Barry M polishes.

Next I received a sample of Valquer's 'ice hair mask - total repair'. I'd never heard of this brand before so I was excited to try out a totally new product! It's basically a hair mask that you use once or twice a week in place of your conditioner. I really liked this mask as it didn't weigh my hair down or make it feel greasy, like I've experienced with hair treatments in the past. It especially helped with my dry ends. This is a sample I can definitely see myself using up completely! As an added bonus, it smells amazing and leaves your hair with that fresh-out-of-the-hairdressers smell, if you know what I mean!

I also received a cute mini sample of the Batiste 2-in-1 dry shampoo & conditioner. I'm sure 99% of girls are already familiar with Batiste since their dry shampoos are actual life savers! I hadn't tried the  shampoo & conditioner combo before. The packaging claims that it's invisible and so should avoid that chalky look you get when you Batiste a little bit too enthusiastically...

But I'll be honest, I decided to try this out the other day - I was on day 2 hair, so my hair wasn't greasy but I felt like my roots could do with a refresh. I sprayed this product over my head like I usually would and instantly my hair was oily. It's like it did the exact opposite to what a dry shampoo should do. I swear it actually sprayed grease into my hair. I was so annoyed! I'll give it another few goes and see if there's a certain knack to this particular product, but it's not the usual standard you'd expect from Batiste. (At least it smells nice.)

Last but not least, in the box was a 'suede lips' lip crayon by Rodial. This is another brand I hadn't heard of before but I was excited to get a lip product in the box, as I've been looking for something new to steer away from the hundreds of pink/mauve lipsticks I currently own! The consistency of the crayon is super creamy - the product is enriched with vitamin E and is pretty moisturising, which is a nice break from crusty matt liquid lipstick lips. Again, the choice of colour confused me for this box as the shade 'big apple' is more of a berry colour that I would associate with autumn as opposed to summer. This product RRPs at £22 which I won't lie, is a bit steep for me, although I do really like the product.

I also received a cute little bracelet by Purelei with 'aloha' written all over it, which definitely does fit the summer theme! (I also won't lie - I always thought these things were bobbles?! Are they not?!) Author's note: they're totally bracelets AND hair bobbles. Googled it.

Purelei have tons of these on their website and they're actually really beautiful! They come in packs of three online and retail varies depending on the style you choose. This 'secret garden' set is gorgeous and only £7.90 for 4 bracelets! Totally #notspons, I just genuinely think they're really cute and will probably end up buying some myself.

Overall I was fairly impressed with this box - I definitely think there's plenty of products that I'll use up but not sure if there's anything I'd go out and buy again. I was super happy that three of the five actual beauty products were full size! I know this doesn't always happen with subscription boxes, but I have had an issue with other boxes before where you end up paying monthly far too much for what you actually receive.

I'm looking forward to the next box already! I've taken a peek on the Glossybox website and it looks like we'll be getting one of those bizarre silicone makeup sponges in September's box, which I have been dying to try!

Are you a Glossybox subscriber?
What did you think of August's box?

P.S: Fancy joining Glossybox yourself? Use my link here to sign up and get your first box for only £7 (plus P&P) and I get a few Glossydot points in return. It's win-win! Boxes are £9 per month (plus P&P) full price!

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  1. I've never heard of Glossybox before but it sounds great. Lovely post!

  2. Love the nail polish shade! Perfect for autumn :) x


  3. I'm on the lookout for a subscription box... but there's so much choice out there! Loved this review, have you tried Birch Box? x


    1. Yeah I was subscribed to Birchbox for a while, but there were hardly ever full-size products in there and I felt like the samples just weren't worth the money I paid for the box! X

  4. Omg you got such lovely things in the box! I love the nail polish and I use Batiste dry shampoos all the time!

    Have an amazing day!

    xx Kris |


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