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Glossybox | September 2017

It's time for the good kind of monthly surprise - Glossybox!

September's box is back to the classic Glossybox packaging - the candy pink box with black font & detailing. I was excited about this because it's only my second ever Glossybox (and pink is my favourite colour) so it was pretty cool to get the original packaging.

As usual, the box was beautifully wrapped and it was definitely a nice surprise for the first item I saw to be FOOD. That's right, this month there was a whole, full-size bar of Kinder Bueno in the box. September is off to a good start.

September's box was packed with five different beauty and skincare products, with four of these being full-size products. You literally can't complain at that many full-size products!

First up is the Stylondon 'siligel blender'. I am super happy this was included in this box, as it's a product that I've been wanting to try out for ages. I personally am not a fan of beauty sponges at all - makeup gurus swear by them for a flawless base, but I just don't see the hype. A while ago, silicone sponges became a thing and a lot of people say that they absolutely trump the beauty blender.

Honestly, on just first impression, I couldn't see it providing me with flawless coverage. The texture of the sponge (if it really classes as a sponge) felt as though it would just smear the makeup over my face.

I tried the blender with two products that it specifically says it should be good for - face cream and liquid makeup. I tried it with my moisturiser first, which was an absolute disaster. As predicted, it did nothing but spread the cream on my face like butter, but didn't actually do anything to aid in it sinking into my skin.

I then tried it with my concealer, which being a little thicker than moisturiser I thought the blender might perform a bit better. I was wrong... Again, the blender had a real tough time doing anything other than just moving the makeup from one side of my face to the other. There was absolutely no blending going on. As one tiny positive, I really like the shape of it and actually the material is very cooling on the skin. Shame it just doesn't do what it's supposed to do!

The siligel blender retails at £5.99 which isn't actually too bad, although I know that Primark do some silicone blenders for no more than £2 a piece.

Next I received a full-size 'brow tamer' from Pixi by Petra. I've seen this brand all over Instagram but never actually tried it for myself. The product, in essence, is just a clear brow gel. It has a slightly chemical smell (if you smell it straight off the brush like I did, LOL) but it's not noticeable when you apply it. It doesn't dry crusty or hard like some brow gels do, so that's definitely a plus. I can't decide if it helped my brows stay on because my brow pomade is already pretty good, but I didn't find this product mind-blowing in comparison to any other brow gels I've tried.

The RRP of this product is £12 which, honestly, seems a bit steep for me just purely going by the size of the product. I would have thought this was a sample size if I hadn't have read the leaflet included in the box!

Next up is a sample of Monu Skincare's 'firming fiji facial oil'. I was excited because this is the first product from a brand that I'd never heard of, and they're my favourite kind to try out! I'm really in to facial oils at the moment so I was really looking forward to trying this product out. The bottle specifies this oil as being suitable for dry and sensitive skin.

It smells like lavender which is a nice bedtime scent; I can definitely see this being a nice part of a night time skincare routine. Even though it's an oil, it didn't leave my skin feeling greasy at all which I really liked. I have oily skin anyway and I'm only just warming up to the idea of using facial oils every now and then. The smell is really pleasant (although Josh says I smell like an old lady) and it was actually okay to use under my makeup as I just put setting powder on my T-zone to make it more matte. I'm going to keep using it as part of my skincare routine as I think it'll take a few weeks to really get to see any results from the product.

Product number four is a full-size version of Skinfix's 'hand repair cream'. It's fragrance free so would  be suitable for most skin types. It also claims to help with a number of skin conditions, such as eczema and dermatitis. I'm not usually a fan of hand creams as I hate my hands feeling greasy, but the approaching cold weather is drying my hands out a fair bit. On first impression, it doesn't feel massively greasy but I can definitely tell there's product on my hands. There's no fragrance but it still has a low-key smell that I can't put my finger on.

This retails at £12.99 which, for the size of the product, seems a little expensive to me. This is another product that I would have guessed was actually a sample size, but I suppose the size makes it easy to keep in your bag and take on the go, which is definitely a plus.

Last but not least is some 'flavoured natural whitening toothpaste' by Taylor's 32. This is a full-size product which is great, because it means I'll be able to really trial it properly and see if it makes a difference to my teeth! Although I don't always consider the ingredients in my toothpaste, I like the idea that it's totally natural and has a lot of ingredients that should be great for my overall oral hygiene.

It's free from abrasives, so shouldn't harm your teeth at all like a lot of whitening products can. It's fennel & mint flavour with added vitamin E for gum health. It has a bit of an odd taste at first which I think is the fennel, but in my experience most whitening toothpastes taste a bit funky. I've seen that other people have received a different flavour to me which includes a fruit flavour, so I'd be interested to see if I liked the taste of that better. It definitely leaves your mouth feeling super fresh afterwards.

This is another one I'm going to keep trying out and see if it makes any difference to the whiteness of my teeth. The product retails for £5 which I actually don't think is bad at all; I've seen plenty of other whitening toothpastes (with more crap ingredients inside them) retail for far more!

Are you subscribed to Glossybox?
What was your favourite product this month?

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  1. Hooray for chocolate! I'd have been so happy to find a Kinder Bueno in here too hehe! The facial oil sounds lovely, I'm a big fan of lavender scents as well! The hand cream does sound quite pricey, I'm not sure if shell out for it at the full cost either!

    Abbey 💗


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