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3 things I'm starting to do and NOT apologising for

Isn't being a human weird? We have so many things expected of us and we have no idea who decided these things in the first place. Someone who's probably long dead now decided that if we do X, Y or Z, we are arseholes. I've decided I'm gonna start doing some of them anyway.

the life changing magic of not giving a fuck

Now, I'm not saying we all need to turn around and start being arseholes. No one likes an arsehole. But there are definitely things we could all start doing more in our lives that are generally frowned upon, without coming across as a bad person.

1. Saying 'no'

For some reason, we have always put this pressure on ourselves to please other people, which in turn has resulted in us saying 'yes' to a lot of things that we actually want to say 'no' to. For example, when you get invited out for a few drinks with some work colleagues and you know that, no offence, but you'd rather go home, put your slippers on and watch the soaps. There's actually nothing wrong with that, but I'd say a vast majority of the time, we say 'yes' to these invitations because we don't want to seem rude or even boring.

I am extremely guilty of trying to be a people-pleaser, just nodding along like a Churchill dog, agreeing with everything and dying a little inside. Well, not anymore! I'm going to try out saying 'no' every so often. 

"Hey, Alice, fancy meeting up tomorrow?" Honestly, no, because I've worked 40 hours this week and want to lie in bed and not shower tomorrow. 

"Can I ring you to tell you about my life problem?" It's not that I don't care, but no, because I'm focusing on myself today.

You get the idea.

2. Unfollowing

This is always a controversy, especially in the blogging world, but it's actually very simple. Don't like what someone posts? Unfollow. Interests have changed and this particular Instagram feed is no longer aesthetically pleasing to you? Unfollow. Haven't spoken to that person for 7 years and probably never will again? Unfollow.

Some bloggers/social media influencers loooove the ol' follow-unfollow game, which in all honesty boils my blood. Like, just get out of my notifications. I'm not following you back. But then some people find it really hard to unfollow people because they think they'll be unfollowed in return.

I mean, social media is a numbers game for 99% of the population - if you're not upping their follower count, then they won't be a number in yours either. 

However, the fear of this shouldn't stop you getting rid of people from your social media channels that you don't want there. I am unfollowed all the time, just as I unfollow fairly often. Sometimes I think I'll be interested in someone's content and I end up not really engaging with them. Sometimes, I've just followed far too many people out of politeness and it means that the accounts I do care about get pushed off my feed.

If you don't want to follow someone then just don't. You don't need to apologise for it. Social media doesn't define your life or you as a person. Unfollowing Sally because she posts pictures of cats when you're a dog person will not affect you 8 years down the line, but it will make your Instagram feed slightly less repulsive. *casual shrug*

3. Embracing my opinion

Freedom of speech is a thing, this is true, but whilst I am talking about embracing your opinion I don't mean you should start spewing a load of garbage at people who think differently to you.

Part of having an opinion is accepting and respecting that other people have opinions, too. It's likely that you are going to encounter people in your life that have different views to you. This might be on politics, current affairs, or whether Kylie Jenner is or isn't pregnant (my opinion: I don't care). 

You can embrace your own opinion by being confident in putting it forward and being happy to debate it. You can embrace your opinion by not letting someone else belittle you (unless you are actually wrong. There are special cases like that) but also learning from debates with other people.

I used to be very fickle in that if I thought my opinion wouldn't make me likeable to someone, because my opinion differed to theirs, I'd just pretend I felt the same way as them and in turn completely dismissing my own thoughts and opinions. From now on, in the least arsehole-y way possible, I'm going to stand strong on my opinions whilst simultaneously learning about others'.

What are some things you are doing, totally unapologetically?

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