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Glossybox | November 2017

Let's take a peek inside November's Glossybox shall we?!

The first item in this month's box is this contour & powder brush from Beauty UK. 

I tried this out with both contour and highlighting products to see what it worked best with. I already have a similar shaped brush that I use for my powder highlight and I love it - the round end lets me get a lot of glow on my cheekbones! This brush worked equally well for this.

I used it with both a cream contour and powder contour but I didn't really like it for this purpose, as I personally prefer a larger, angled brush to do my contour. It felt like it takes a lot more effort to blend the powder contour and it made the cream contour disappear almost completely.

This brush retails at £6.99 which is pretty affordable! The bristles are super soft and I'll be interested to see how it holds up after I wash it.

Next up is this charcoal & willow bark sheet mask from Boots Ingredients. If you know me at all, you'll know I love face masks in all their forms, so I was pretty pleased to get one in this box. 

When I opened the packet, I realised that the sheet mask was extremely wet. I've used sheet masks in the past that were nowhere near as moist as this one, but it actually didn't end up working in the mask's favour. I unfolded the mask and put it on my face but it was dripping everywhere and sliding around a lot.

As sheet masks in general are never designed to fit a normal human's face, the mouth part kept covering my top lip which actually ended up kind of burning, so I had to fold that part up so it wasn't in contact with my lip anymore. It was a bit itchy and red after that but nothing major. I'm not usually allergic to anything in face products but I wonder if I had a slight reaction to something in the mask.

I couldn't keep it on for too long as it was so wet it was dripping all over my legs from my chin! As there was a lot of excess product, it took quite a while to rub it all in to my face and I even had to dab a bit off with a few cotton pads. Overall, I was a bit disappointed with this mask. It smelled fresh and definitely left my skin looking healthy and glowy, however the actual experience of using it wasn't the most relaxing!

The RRP for this mask is £2.50, which is really affordable and I think is worth it for this product. However, there are other masks you can get for similar prices that I might have enjoyed more than this one.

This Define & Perfect brow powder from Collection was probably my biggest disappointment when I opened the box, as we have previously received brow products in other boxes and last time, it was nowhere near my shade. I did receive the shade 'blonde' this time, so I was at least hopeful it would match.

I think I was only disappointed because I'm happy with my current brow products and I think I'd rather have tried a completely new product, than something I'm unlikely to incorporate into my beauty routine. However, I did give it a go and was pleasantly surprised.

The applicator looks a lot like that of a liquid eyeliner, which confused me a bit as it's supposed to be a powder! This makes it quite good for drawing on individual hair strokes, though. It's also a lot more pigmented than I first thought, although it comes with a lot of fallout so it's definitely best to do your brows before your base!

The RRP for this product is £4.19 which is pretty cheap! I am a mega fan of Collection's concealer too, which is also super affordable. I am so here for budget-friendly drugstore products.

I also received this germanium & peppermint body wash, which is all-natural and plant-based, from Greenfrog Botanic. It's an interesting smell; definitely something different from my usual fruity shower gels, but it's quite refreshing and a nice change to use in the mornings to try and invigorate myself!

It's an added bonus that it's made from all natural products and also the perfect size for travelling, so you could pop this in your luggage if you're lucky enough to be escaping these colder climates for the winter!

The full-size product retails at £8.95 which is quite expensive for a shower gel, but it may be worth paying the extra to know that it's totally cruelty free.

Last but not least is this candy floss scented lip balm from SportFX. This product I've been loving and have used every day since I opened the box! 

I'm not sure about the scent personally - it's very sweet, that's for sure! But it feels nice on the lips and isn't too thick or sticky. I also love the unusual shape of the product; I really enjoy not having to stick my fingers in it like with my Carmex! It's really handy to take on the go and fits in my pocket nicely.

Overall, I'll be honest and say this has been my least favourite Glossybox so far, but I've definitely discovered a couple of products I'd never have bought in the shop! Regardless, I'm very excited for next month's box (here's hoping it's festive!)

This lip balm retails for £4.99 which tips it over the edge of being a tad more than I'd usually pay for my lip balm, which is usually Carmex. However, I do really rate the product and it feels lovely on the lips.

What did you think of this month's box?
What kinds of products are you hoping for in December?

P.S: Fancy joining Glossybox yourself? Use my link here to sign up and get your first box for only £7 (plus P&P) and I get a few Glossydot points in return. It's win-win! Boxes are £9 per month (plus P&P) full price!

Not convinced? Check out what I got in last month's box as well [here]

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