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Alternative Christmas gift ideas

I love giving gifts, but sometimes I struggle to make them thoughtful and unique, rather than the standard slippers and smellies every year (sorry, Dad). I've compiled a list of a few cool, quirky, alternative gift ideas that are sure to give someone a giggle!

#1 - Elodie the Unicorn mug - £14.99 from Firebox

I find mugs to be a fool proof gift for all occasions and unicorns have definitely been the on-trend mythical creature this year. This unicorn mug is so sweet that you won't even need to add sugar to your tea.

#2 - Draw a D*ck on It - £8.99 from Firebox

This one's a bit rude, maybe don't plop it on someone's desk in the office for Secret Santa, buuuut it's perfect for those immature people in your life (like yours truly). It's basically an adult's drawing book where you just draw penises on everything. 

#3 - Golden Snitch Backpack - £29.99 from TruffleShuffle

For the Harry Potter geek in your life - forget a t-shirt with their house logo on it, just let them walk around with an actual Golden Snitch on their back instead!

#4 - Scratch Map - £14.99 from Prezzybox

I'd love this as a gift, if I ever actually left my house for adventurous reasons. Perfect for the little traveller in your life.

#5 - Replacement Body Parts Gummy Sweets - £10.00 from The Great Gift Company

A bit of a novelty gift, perfect for Secret Santa! (Even better if the recipient is old, because that's kind of the joke). Alternatively, just good for someone with a sweet tooth or someone who wishes it was Halloween all year round.

#6 - Nothing (For the Person who has Everything) - £4.99 from IWOOT

Lastly, this was a gag suggestion on my part, but if you're willing to pay a fiver for literally nothing then go ahead! That'll teach those people who, every year, say they 'don't want anything' for Christmas. Well, here you go. A ball of nothing. Merry Christmas!

Hope you enjoyed this little compilation of quirky Christmas gifts!
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