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Glossybox | December 2017

Sorry this one's late huns, but December was pretty crazy!

Hello everyone, Happy New Year - as a little gift I've decided to finally write and publish my review of Glossybox's December box because December just seemed to slip by without me even noticing. However, this does mean I've had ample time to really try out these products and give my honest thoughts.

I'll be honest from the get-go, this definitely wasn't my favourite box; there are a few products in this box that I just didn't really like and am unlikely to use again, less so repurchase. But let's get into it!

First up is this Equilibria Gel to Milk Cleanser by Naobay. I've never heard of this brand before so I was excited to try something new. The texture of this product is a thick gel which, once you add water, turns into a milky liquid which is then super easy to wash away.

At first I wasn't too keen on the smell of the product, but actually I've used this every single day since I got it and I've nearly finished the tube. The scent makes the product feel really luxurious and expensive and the product itself leaves my skin feeling super clean but not overly tight.

I received a full-size product which does RRP at £15.99, which is maybe more than I'd typically spend on a cleanser, but the product is really lovely and I'd highly recommend it. It didn't cause any breakouts on my skin either which is an added bonus!

Next is this Cloud Lips matte lipstick from Laqa & Co - another brand I've never tried before. The colour I received was right up my street being a mauve-pink-nude toned shade (my descriptions leave a lot to be desired). I wouldn't say the texture is necessarily 'light as a cloud' as described, but it's not as drying as some liquid matte lipsticks.

I found this lipstick went on much nicer with a little bit of lip balm underneath, but in turn this makes it a bit less matte (which I didn't necessarily mind). The Cloud Lips lipstick retails at £12.70 which is definitely more than I'd pay for it, but it's a really lovely colour and I love the rose gold packaging too!

Another product I received was from Model Co and it's their 3D Lash Primer. I don't really have much to say about this product apart from that I just couldn't get along with it. It's supposed to go on under your mascara in order to condition your lashes and make them look thicker and longer once mascara is applied. All this did was make my eyelashes really hard and crunchy and made my mascara look awful. It RRPs at £7.

Another product in beautiful rose gold packaging was this Steve Laurant Precision Tip Eyeliner. This one is a felt-tip style eyeliner which is much better for me as I can't do any kind of eyeliner to save my life anyway, but I feel more comfortable with the pen-style eyeliners than those teeny tiny pointy brushes.

I really like this product; I find it's quite easy to apply although the product itself is not very opaque if you just use the tip of the pen. It's really thin and easy to hold and control which would make it great for beginners and failures like myself! The eyeliner retails at £18 which to me feels really expensive for an eyeliner, but the packaging does make it feel more high-end.

Last but not least is the Rich and Creamy Shea Butter Body Wash by Soaper Duper. I thought the packaging of this product was too cute, with the rounded edges that kind of look like bubbles and the green bottle.

The body was itself is more of a milky consistency which I quite like, however I really just could not get along with the scent. The product is made from shea butter, monoi oil and vanilla but there's something about the smell that I really can't stomach. It's such a shame because the body wash itself I did really like, but unfortunately the smell puts me off. I'd definitely have a gander at whether they do other fragrances.

The RRP for this body was is £6.50 for a full-size, but I did receive a slightly smaller sample size, so you would get more for your money!

So although this wasn't my favourite box, the packaging of the box itself was stunning and it was also nice to get 4/5 full-size products. I say it every time, but Glossybox does seem to be the best value for money out of any subscription boxes I've ever tried.

P.S: Fancy joining Glossybox yourself? Use my link [here] to sign up and get your first box for only £7 (plus P&P) and I get a few Glossydot points in return. It's win-win! Boxes are £9 per month (plus P&P) full price!

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