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Carbon Coco Ultimate Carbon Kit: review*

The lovely team at Carbon Coco sent me their Ultimate Carbon Kit to try out - read on for my honest thoughts!

First of all, I really like the packaging of these products. The blue and black colour scheme looks slick, cool and fresh.

The Ultimate Carbon Kit comes with one pot of activated charcoal tooth polish, one tube of activated charcoal toothpaste and a toothbrush with bamboo bristles.

The tooth polish is a terrifying-looking black powder, which you dip a wet toothbrush in to and brush your teeth with before using the toothpaste. The powder is completely tasteless, but is a very weird sensation in the mouth. It feels a little bit dry, which I did expect. One tip I'd give is definitely be careful when spitting it out - it literally goes everywhere no matter how cautious you are!

A little powder definitely goes a long way as you only need one small dip of your toothbrush in the pot. I accidentally managed to spill half the tub into my sink (oops) and I still have tons left to use! One improvement I'd make to the formula would for it to maybe be mint flavoured, like the toothpaste. There's something I really didn't like about a tasteless powder in my mouth!

The toothpaste is also black in colour but once you start brushing your teeth with it, it lathers up to be more of a grey colour (which is less scary). The toothpaste is a light mint flavour, which is perfect, and way less messy when you rinse your mouth out!

I liked that the kit came with the toothbrush too as I didn't feel like I would ruin my expensive electric toothbrush with the dark black powder! The toothbrush is really soft and definitely not as firm as I'd like, so I just used the toothbrush included for the tooth polish and used my own toothbrush to use the toothpaste.

It's recommended that you use the kit for at least 2 weeks to start seeing results. I used the kit twice a day, day and night, for approximately two weeks. Honestly, I hate my teeth so I didn't really feel comfortable taking any before and after shots, so you'll just have to take my word for it...

In general, I don't find that my teeth have that much discolouration. I'd like to say that the Carbon Coco kit maintained the level of whiteness in my teeth, despite some of the bad lifestyle habits I have that can affect your teeth whiteness (drinking excessively sugary tea and a lot of fruit juice? Guilty).

I can't say that my teeth were blinding white after two weeks of use, but they definitely didn't get any worse and the toothpaste did make my teeth feel really clean. One of the benefits of using activated charcoal in the mouth is that it is naturally antibacterial and can really help bad breath. My mouth definitely felt fresh and clean after every use and I didn't notice the reappearance of bad breath for quite a while.

I think it would be great if maybe the kit came with a whitening chart, like some other tooth whitening brands I've seen. It could be a good way to measure the change in colour of your teeth, if you don't fancy taking pictures like I didn't!

I just want to say a massive thank you to the Carbon Coco team for giving me the opportunity to try out this product and give my thoughts! If you're interested, you can pick up the Ultimate Carbon Kit here (and it's on sale!) They also have a great 'Love it or Leave it' policy guarantee where you are entitled to a full refund if you don't see results within 14 days - so there's really not much to lose at all!

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