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Vegan Life Live: Manchester

I popped by Vegan Life Live in Manchester last weekend - a three day event dedicated to plant-based living at Event City in Manchester.

Me and a friend paid a little visit to Vegan Life Live after finding some tickets on Groupon. Now, I myself am not a vegan and I'm actually an extremely fussy eater, but I wanted to go along out of curiosity.

The first thing that surprised me about the event (although I'm not sure why it did!) was how busy it was! I honestly felt like I wasn't expecting that many people to be interested. You could hardly move for people!

There were a mixture of different stalls, some selling vegan clothing and shoes, vegan groceries, free samples of some funky peach flavoured coconut water and subscriptions to various animal and environmental charities, like Dog's Trust and Sea Shepherd. There was also a huge food court which I couldn't wait to explore!

First things first, within ten minutes of being in the building I'd already signed up to sponsor a dog with Dog's Trust. Does that surprise anyone that knows me? My sponsor dog is a gorgeous Golden Retriever named Honey and honestly, without being dramatic, I'd die for her. I can't wait to get my welcome pack with a letter that she definitely wrote inside.

We had a wander around the food court and I was genuinely floored by all the different kinds of plant-based food they had to offer. There were all different kinds of cuisines, from street food to Asian foods, desserts and even vegan sushi!?

Like I mentioned, I am a really fussy eater and I have a bit of a hard time trying new things sometimes. I was determined to have a go at something a bit different at this festival, because why the hell not? An insight into my usual dietary habits is I eat meat sometimes, little to no vegetables, and probably more cheese and dairy than one human being should consume.

After looking around we decided we liked the look of this street food-style stall called Herbivorous, a London-based vegan food company. They had a really good selection of food on offer and everything even looked good to me! I do regret not asking what the hoisin 'duck' was actually made of.

They seemed to be a fan of jackfruit, which (surprise, surprise) I'd never tried but had heard of. I went for the BBQ jackfruit salad box and my friend got a BBQ jackfruit wrap. I have to say, it was actually so, so tasty. I still have no idea what a jackfruit is, but I feel like it's unlikely you'd be able to pick one up from your local Aldi...

We finished dinner off with a little sweet treat from the adorably named Forgot the Eggs! They sold a range of vegan cakes, brownies and even meringues! I got a raspberry and white chocolate meringue, intrigued and to how it would taste considering meringue is literally egg whites. I can't even tell you how good it was! I want to say it was possibly even tastier than a meringue made with eggs. It was chewy and sweet and still really light and airy.

Overall, it was an interesting couple of hours just wandering around and seeing what everyone had to offer. There was a yoga festival going on at the same time, so we had a look around there too, where there were lots of wonderfully smelling candles, incense and body lotions on offer, as well as a fair few massages and more tarot readings than I could count!

I picked myself up a gorgeous rose quartz pendulum and my friend got a lovely salt lamp. I felt pretty zen after all those good vibes.

I can't say I've been converted to the plant-based life, but it's definitely made me more confident to try some new things and perhaps reduce how much meat or animal products I eat and use. I hope Manchester decides to embrace plant-based living and we can get a few more vegan cafes, restaurants and shops around so that I can try more new things!

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