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Dear 2018...

Dear 2018,

You've been a bit of a rollercoaster, I won't lie. 12 months is a long time - a lot can change in a whole year. You've simultaneously flown by as well as dragged yourself out for as long as possible. I've spent most of the last five months or so just wishing you were over. Now you are, it's quite bittersweet.

We've been through a lot together, 2018. I've loved and lost; I've been through a breakup, lost my wonderful grandfather, cut ties with toxic people but also remained close to the people that really matter.

I moved house (again) and finally feel like my location isn't a massive burden or barrier in my life. I am generally happier, but I feel like my mental health definitely took its toll this year.

I made some mistakes but ones I'll learn from. I let myself be taken advantage of by people, but that's something I won't let happen again. I wasted time on giving chances to people that don't deserve them.

But you did bring me some good things, 2018 - the birth of my perfect, wonderful nephew; the opportunity to do some small-scale travelling, making new memories with my friends; having my family all together for a wedding and Christmas, which is such a lovely rarity; it would be unfair to say you have been an entirely terrible year.

As I get older, all I can really do is peg each year down as an experience. 365 days of new experiences, mistakes, memories and lessons learnt. Life will really bog you down if you spend it stressing about and regretting the past.

I'm not an entirely different person after this year, but I like to think that 2018 has helped mould me into a better version of myself, ready for the year ahead.

The most important thing I want to say to you, 2018, is thank

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