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Raise your hand if you're Officially Done with lockdown? Same boo.

One thing that's been really important for me is to keep busy. My mental health has suffered a lot already during lockdown but having a little plan of things to do, make, read, watch etc helps me make use of my time and makes the boring days go a little quicker.

I recently posted about some podcasts to binge during quarantine, so I thought I'd follow that up with a few shows on Netflix that might help you pass the time! Feel free to drop me your recommendations in the comments too!

Nailed It!

If you're looking for something a bit goofy and silly that's easy to watch, give Nailed It! a try. It's a bit like Bake Off, but the bakers are nowhere near as good. In fact, it's basically 3 bakers trying their hardest not to be as bad as the others. The results are pretty hilarious.

Stay Here

I've recently become obsessed with interior/house design shows because they give me major house envy. I stumbled across Stay Here on Netflix, where the designers spruce up funky houses and apartments (sometimes boats) so the clients can list them on sites like Airbnb. Nice, easy watching if you like anything homey! (Another recommendation for this genre is The World's Most Extraordinary Homes).

Love is Blind

If you love trash 'reality' TV, this is for you. Love is Blind is supposedly a social experiment to see if love really is blind... It starts off with a ton of people 'dating' without ever seeing each other and they have to choose a person to propose to. Then off they go on a whirlwind romance with a wedding at the end of it all. It's ridiculous. You'll hate it. But you'll binge it all.

Orphan Black

I've watched this show so many times it's ridiculous, but every time I re-watch I am just blown away by how good it is! If you've got some serious time on your hands, make sure you watch this show. I can't really say much about the plot without some serious spoilers, but I'll give you one word: clones. (And lots of em.)

Gilmore Girls

If all else fails, re-watch Gilmore Girls for the 900th time (like I'm about to do). I'm fairly sure I've talked about GG in another post so I'll spare you my gushing, but if you're looking for something feel-good where you'll inevitably become far too invested in the characters, then this is for you. A classic. 

Let me know if you watch anything I've mentioned!
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